Hazardous waste to be collected

Phil­adelphia res­id­ents will be able to dis­pose of their house­hold haz­ard­ous waste on April 19 dur­ing the Streets De­part­ment’s Drop-Off Day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 8401 State Road (State and Ash­burn­er).

Eli­gible haz­ard­ous waste in­cludes products labeled “tox­ic,” “flam­mable,” “cor­ros­ive” or “re­act­ive.” Com­puters and mon­it­ors con­tain po­ten­tially haz­ard­ous ele­ments, too. Latex paint does not con­tain haz­ard­ous ele­ments and should not be brought to this event.

Com­mon haz­ard­ous items in­clude an­ti­freeze, moth­balls, ro­dent killer, herb­i­cides, fun­gi­cides, pesti­cides, ker­osene, oil-based paints, spray paints, solvents, var­nish, gas­ol­ine, oil, fuel, acids, glue, solder, ap­pli­ance bat­ter­ies, auto bat­ter­ies, auto flu­ids, stain re­movers, plumb­ing clean­ers, home clean­ing products, lead products, roof­ing tar, chem­ic­al fer­til­izer and pool chem­ic­als. For in­form­a­tion, call 215-686-5560 or vis­it Phil­adelphi­aStreets.com. ••

You can reach at noreply@bsmphilly.com.

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