Trips: September 18, 2013

HOLY IN­NO­CENTS CHURCH Sept. 22. Feast of San Gen­naro, New York City. $40, in­cludes bus and Mass at the Na­tion­al Shrine of San Gen­naro. Bus leaves Holy In­no­cents Church at 8:30 a.m. 215-535-8597, 215-535-1510.

FRANK J. MON­TEMURO LODGE Sept. 26. At­lantic. $70, in­cludes bus, $25 slot play, tour, wine tast­ing and din­ner at Renault winery. Bus leaves Ma­ter­nity BVM church at 8:30 a.m. Re­serve by Sept. 23. 215-671-1644.

ST. JAMES ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Sept. 26 to Oct. 7. Pa­cific Ocean cruise on Celebrity’s Ms. Cen­tury, sail­ing from Canada to U.S. Prices from $1,899, in­clude roundtrip flight, meals and en­ter­tain­ment. 610-566-1080.

GIB­BONS ATH­LET­IC AS­SO­CI­ATION Sept. 28. New York. Pack­age in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, free time, the new mu­sic­al “Kinky Boots” and din­ner in New York. 215-722-8825, 215-674-3863.

G.E. RE­TIR­EES Oct 5 to 12. Carib­bean cruise on Oas­is of the Seas, sail­ing from Ft. Laud­er­dale. Prices from $1,399, in­clude $75 per cab­in ship­board cred­it. 610-892-1166.

GET­AWAY TRAVEL CLUB Oct. 10. “Broad­way Now and Forever” at the Amer­ic­an Theatre. $68 in­cludes lunch at Shady Maples. $71 for guests. 215-698-8762. ALSO: Nov. 10. “Sug­ar Ba­bies” at the Ritz Theat­er. $69 in­cludes brunch buf­fet at the Coast­line Res­taur­ant. $73 for guests.  215-698-8762.

ST. MAR­TIN’S SENI­ORS New Or­leans. Oct. 12 to 20. $1,070, in­cludes lodging, stops in Chat­tanooga and At­lanta, 17 meals and sight­see­ing. 215-535-7135.

TLA WID­OWS & WID­OWERS Oct. 15. Mt. Haven re­sort, Mil­ford. $77 in­cludes Oc­torber­fest en­ter­tain­ment, 4 hour open bar and break­fast and din­ner buf­fet. De­pos­it of $20 due by Oct 8. 215-598-3227.

DAYTRIP­PERS CLUB AT KLEIN JCC Oct. 20. “Sil­ver Sizzles Re­vue” at Broad­way Theatre of Pittman. $50-$53, in­cludes bus, lunch at Venice res­taur­ant. Bus leaves Klein JCC at 10:30 a.m. Re­serve by Sept. 20. 215-672-0357.

DAY TRIP­PERS CLUB AT KLEIN JCC Oct. 20. “Sil­ver Sizzles Re­vue” at Broad­way Theatre in Pit­man, N.J. In­cludes lunch at Venice Res­taur­ant. $55 mem­bers, $58 guests. Bus leaves Klein JCC at 10:30 a.m.215-672-0357.

MA­TER­NITY B.V.M. SENI­ORS AND MAKIN’ MEMOR­IES WITH CAYE Oct. 20. New York. $169, in­cludes bus, “Flash­dance” and lunch at Lam­ber­tville Train Sta­tion. Snack stop at Mas­tori’s on your own. 215-342-5038.

ST. MAT­THEWS SENI­OR CLIN­IC Oct. 21 to 25. In­di­an Head Re­sort, N.H. Prices from $620, in­clude bus tours, eight meals and en­ter­tain­ment. De­pos­it re­quired. 215-332-8940.

SPOA CEN­TER Oct. 28 to Nov. 1. Villa Roma Re­sort Cal­li­coon, N.Y. $480, in­cludes three meals, ban­quet and en­ter­tain­ment. 215-335-2374.

ST. JEROME’S LADIES GUILD Oct. 29. Our Lady of Cze­stochowa Shrine. $66, in­cludes vis­it to shrines, Mass and lunch at Wash­ing­ton House. 215-821-3393, 215-742-1866.

GIB­BONS ATH­LET­IC AS­SO­CI­ATION Nov. 9. New York. Pack­age in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, re­fresh­ments, two-hour lunch­eon cruise on the Spir­it of New York and Ra­dio City Christ­mas show. 215-722-8825, 215-674-3863.

ST. AL­BERT’S 55+ CLUB Nov. 11 to 15. Villa Roma Re­sort, N.Y. Cat­skills. $495 per per­son double oc­cu­pancy, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, meals, de­luxe room, en­ter­tain­ment and more. 215-676-3630.

ST. WIL­LI­AM SENI­OR CIT­IZENS Nov. 12. Amer­ic­an Mu­sic Theat­er. $87, in­cludes “First Noel” Christ­mas show and trans­port­a­tion. 215-725-5697.

FOX CHASE CAN­CER CEN­TER Nov. 17. “Mat­ilda” on Broad­way. $160, in­cludes or­ches­tra seats and round-trip bus fare. 215-969-8366.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB & BEN­S­ALEM SENI­OR CIT­IZENS’ AS­SO­CI­ATION Nov. 18 to 22. Myrtle Beach, S.C. $680 per per­son, double oc­cu­pancy, in­cludes bus, ac­com­mod­a­tions, eight meals, hol­i­day shows and more. Fi­nal pay­ment due by Sept. 20. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

ST. LEO’S COUN­CIL OF THE K OF C Nov. 23. New York City, N.Y. $50, in­cludes Macy’s on 34th St., Little Italy, Chin­atown and break­fast at Mas­tor­is Res­taur­ant. Inf.: 215-725-3180, 215-704-6035.

RE­SUR­REC­TION SENI­ORS Dec. 3. Hun­ter­don Hills Play­house, Hamp­ton, N.J. $113, in­cludes “Christ­mas Show” and din­ner. Re­serve by Nov. 18. 215-725-6892.

NE­SHAM­INY ACTIV­ITY CEN­TER Dec. 11. Amer­ic­an Mu­sic Theat­er. Re­serve by Nov. 27. 215-355-6967.

LEIS­URE TIMERS OF DELAIRE LAND­ING Dec. 15. “Jer­sey Boys” at For­rest Theatre. $135 in­cludes orchaes­tra seats and bus. 215-969-1994, 215-637-1699.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB & BEN­S­ALEM SENI­OR CIT­IZENS’ AS­SO­CI­ATION Jan. 21 to 31, 2014. East­ern Carib­bean cruise on Roy­al Carib­bean’s Grandeur of the Seas, sail­ing from Bal­timore. Prices from $1,009.39, in­clude $50 per cab­in on­board cred­it. Fi­nal pay­ment due by Oct. 31. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

NE­SHAM­INY ACTIV­ITY CEN­TER March 11. South­ern Carib­bean cruise. Re­serve by Jan. 15. 215-860-1853.

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