FOP re-elects McNesby as president

Mem­bers of the Fraternal Or­der of Po­lice Lodge 5 re-elec­ted Pres­id­ent John McNesby and his en­dorsed slate of ex­ec­ut­ive board mem­bers to new three-year terms on Oct. 1.

All seats on the board were filled by ac­clam­a­tion, be­cause there were no con­tested races for any of­fices. The new board in­cludes Vice Pres­id­ents Roosevelt L. Pop­lar, James P. Wheel­er, John R. Mc­Grody and Steven J. Weiler; Re­cord­ing Sec­ret­ary Robert B. Bal­lentine Jr.; Fin­an­cial Sec­ret­ary Mi­chael P. Trask; Treas­urer John Ru­ane; Trust­ees Terryl D. Re­id, Kenyatta H. Lee, Wil­li­am Si­erra, Aus­tin A. Fraser and Ken­ora D. Scott; Con­duct­or Joy Gal­len-Ruiz; Guards John McLaugh­lin and Lester F. John­son; and Chap­lain Louis J. Cam­pi­one.

The pen­sion dir­ect­ors also were elec­ted by ac­clam­a­tion. They in­clude Mi­chael Clig­gett, Robert Hurst, Charles Gor­ski, John Iac­ona, Thomas Hesson, Paul Kelly Sr. and Jay Schofield. ••

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