2nd District officers awarded for heroic rescue

Aug. 14 was not a par­tic­u­larly typ­ic­al day in the neigh­bor­hood.

At about 10:30 that morn­ing, 2nd Dis­trict Po­lice Of­ficer Richard Hol­land was hold­ing Of­ficer Ned Fe­lici by his belt as Fe­lici leaned out a third-floor bed­room win­dow to pull in a 2-year-old who was dangling from high-voltage elec­tric­al wires 30 feet in the air.

Fe­lici got hold of the child and handed him to Hol­land.

The ex­traordin­ary res­cue had be­gun just mo­ments be­fore, Com­munity Re­la­tions Of­ficer Di­anne Murphy last week told mem­bers of the 2nd Po­lice Dis­trict Ad­vis­ory Coun­cil.

Fe­lici and Hol­land were on routine patrol after 10 a.m., Murphy told PDAC mem­bers Oct. 8, when they got a ra­dio call for a hos­pit­al case on the 1300 block of Wells St. When they ar­rived on the block, the two saw the child on the wires.

There was no hes­it­a­tion, Murphy said. The of­ficers kicked in a base­ment door to get in­to the house, ran up­stairs and forced open a door to a kit­chen, raced up more stairs to a third-floor bed­room and had to force open still an­oth­er door be­fore they could get to the win­dow and the child.

The ac­count drew a round of ap­plause from PDAC mem­bers, who honored Hol­land and Fe­lici as the dis­trict’s Au­gust Of­ficers of the Month.


Capt. Frank Palumbo, the 2nd’s com­mand­er, said the dis­trict, which is in the Lower North­east, west of the Boulevard, has seen 55 burg­lar­ies in the past month. Nu­mer­ous burg­lar­ies have been com­mit­ted in Sum­mer­dale and Lawn­crest, he said.

“Some out­stand­ing ar­rests,” the cap­tain said, have got­ten some of the burg­lars off the streets. Burg­lars are tar­get­ing va­cant fore­closed prop­er­ties to har­vest cop­per pipes they can sell to scrap yards.

On the ar­res­ted sus­pects, he said, po­lice have found mul­tiple keys, maps and lists of fore­closed or bank-owned prop­er­ties. 

Street rob­ber­ies, es­pe­cially around North­east High and Fels, have been a prob­lem, the cap­tain said. There re­cently have been 22 gun­point rob­ber­ies and 22 strong-arm rob­ber­ies in the dis­trict. 

Palumbo said, however, of­ficers have had some suc­cess in curb­ing the crimes around the two schools.

Also, he said, there seems to be a war go­ing on between drug gangs based in Ol­ney and Lawn­crest.

“I think they’re rob­bing each oth­er and shoot­ing each oth­er,” the cap­tain said.

Truck park­ing on loc­al streets, which is il­leg­al, has been a fre­quent com­plaint voiced at PDAC meet­ings over the past few years. 

“When we see them, we tick­et them,” Murphy said, but she and the cap­tain ad­ded the $41 cita­tion seems to be little de­terrent be­cause it might be cheap­er for the truck­ers than pay­ing for leg­al park­ing.

PDAC mem­bers will not meet in Novem­ber. Their next ses­sion will be at 7 p.m. on Dec. 10 at the Phil­adelphia Prot­est­ant Home, 6500 Tabor Ave. ••

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