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Story Archive October 16 2013

So long, so soon

3rd Ward Philadelphia shuts its doors after only six months; offers no refunds for classes or membership fees.

Police captain awarded for military service

The Somerton Civic Association and state Rep. Brendan Boyle last week recognized a neighborhood military hero who is now back home and serving his fellow citizens on the home front.

Apple cheesecake

The apple, the original forbidden fruit, was the choice fruit in the Garden of Eden. There are more than 7,500 varieties of apples grown in the world today. Eve ate one of them.

On Frankford Ave., vinyl can hit or miss

Two record store owners weigh in on the musical landscape in Fishtown. 

Suburban woman dies in Somerton crash

A Montgomery County woman died after her car collided with a school bus on Roosevelt Boulevard in Somerton last week.

Walking for a worthy cause

A Fishtown man will be playing a key role in organizing the 27th annual AIDS Walk Philly this year.

Less is more for Santucci owner

The Office of Property Assessment told Santucci owner Gene Carelli assessments on his properties have been lowered almost a half-million dollars.

Gene Carelli is a happy guy.

Calendar of Events: October 16, 2013

Thursday, October 17

A local groomer gone green

Did you know pet hair can be composted? The owner of Poochie's Place in NoLibes does — she’s using tons of it, plus other materials from her shop, to help the earth. 

River Ward events for the week of October 16

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