Millbrook nominates new board members

Mill­brook Civic As­so­ci­ation mem­bers last week nom­in­ated in­cum­bent board mem­bers to be re­turned next year.

Dur­ing the lightly at­ten­ded ses­sion, mem­bers picked the as­so­ci­ation’s pres­id­ent, John Kradz­in­ski, as their only nom­in­ee for their top board seat. 

Sim­il­arly, Car­ol Fowl­er, the in­cum­bent vice pres­id­ent, was the only nom­in­ee for that of­fice, and Mike Brem­ser was the only choice for sec­ret­ary, a po­s­i­tion he now holds. Mike Lamb, cur­rent ser­geant at arms, was the single nom­in­ee for his post. Mary Anne Ben­ner, the present treas­urer, was nom­in­ated to con­tin­ue in that role.

The civic as­so­ci­ation’s next meet­ing will be at 7 p.m. on Tues­day, Nov. 26, at the Cal­vary Ath­let­ic As­so­ci­ation, 4330 Deer­path Lane. ••

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