Editorial: Help those in need

It’s a North­east tra­di­tion 58 years in the mak­ing.

And with the hol­i­days ap­proach­ing, it’s time, once again, to ask for the com­munity’s help in donat­ing to those less for­tu­nate.

The North­east Times’  Elean­or Smylie Com­munity Fund is a char­it­able ef­fort that ori­gin­ated in 1955 and has since helped thou­sands of loc­al fam­il­ies dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son. The Smylie Fund matches fam­il­ies in need with com­munity mem­bers who can help. All money col­lec­ted is used to buy gift cards and provide hol­i­day din­ners to those who are strug­gling to make ends meet. 

To those who have been for­tu­nate, please donate to help oth­ers who may not have been so pros­per­ous. Each dona­tion will make a dif­fer­ence and will help provide a hol­i­day meal and en­sure each child will have at least one present un­der the tree.

The North­east Times will ac­cept any dona­tion amount — large or small — and will pub­lish your name in the list of donors in the news­pa­per. If you prefer to donate an­onym­ously, we can hon­or that re­quest as well.

The North­east Times’  Elean­or Smylie Com­munity Fund is a loc­al out­reach ef­fort and an op­por­tun­ity to help your neigh­bor down the street or a few blocks away. The news­pa­per ab­sorbs all ad­min­is­trat­ive costs, so every penny donated goes dir­ectly to those in need.

In 2012, the com­munity fund was able to help 212 fam­il­ies and four so­cial ser­vice or­gan­iz­a­tions. We hope to do even bet­ter this year.

If you would like to re­quest help, or if you know of someone who could use as­sist­ance dur­ing the hol­i­days, please take a few minutes to write a let­ter. The ad­dress is: 

Elean­or Smylie Com­munity Fund

2512 Met­ro­pol­it­an Drive

Tre­vose, PA 19053

Tell us your story, and be sure to in­clude a name and con­tact in­form­a­tion for an agency or per­son for veri­fic­a­tion. Re­quests can also be sent through email to pronews@bsmphilly.com. Everything about the pro­cess will re­main an­onym­ous.

If you are able to donate, please send a check to the Elean­or Smylie Com­munity Fund at the ad­dress above. Any amount will help.

This is an op­por­tun­ity to help the com­munity we all love so dearly. It’s a way for the people of North­east Phil­adelphia to make a real dif­fer­ence and aid our neigh­bors in need. ••

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