Casino Trips: November 6, 2013

Sis­ter­hood of Temple Men­orah Kene­seth Chai Oct. 27. Ritz Theat­er. $74 in­cludes “Sug­ar Ba­bies,” bus and din­ner at the Coast­line Res­taur­ant. 215-725-2002, 215-941-8145.

Our Lady of Con­sol­a­tion Seni­ors Oct. 29. Trop­ic­ana. $25. Inf.: 215-338-2449.

St. Jerome Ladies Guild Nov. 12. Re­sorts and To­masello Winery. $48, in­cludes bus, wine tast­ing, lunch at To­masello’s and casino pack­age. 215-821-3393, 215-742-1866.

Young Seni­ors Travel Club Nov. 13. Re­sorts. $45 in­cludes “Fat Pack Christ­mas Show,” buf­fet and $10 slot play. Bus leaves 2301 Tremont St. at 10 a.m. Inf.: 215-934-5561.

TLA Feasterville Nov. 14. Amer­ic­an Mu­sic Theatre. In­cludes “Christ­mas Show” and lunch at Shady Maple res­taur­ant. Re­serve by Nov. 7. Inf. 215-598-3227. AN­OTH­ER TRIP: Dec. 31. In­cludes New Years Gala, res­taur­ant and show. Re­serve by Dec. 21. Inf. 215-598-3227.

St. Mat­thew’s Seni­or Cit­izen Group

Nov. 14. To­masello Winery and Casino. $54 In­cludes wine tast­ing, lunch and slot play. ALSO: Dec. 2. Trop­ic­ana. $49 in­cludes “Un­for­get­table Nat King Cole” show and $15 slot play. AN­OTH­ER TRIP: Jan. 13. Re­sorts. $49 in­cludes “The Kid Sings Swing” show and $25 slot play. 215-332-8940.

Holy In­no­cents Par­ish Nov. 24.   The At­lantic Club. $30 due by Nov 17. In­cludes $25 in slot cash. De­part “L” and Hunt­ing Park at 9 a.m. Re­serve your seat by call­ing 215-535-2740.

Cres­centville United Meth­od­ist Church Dec. 10. Amer­ic­an Mu­sic Theatre. $100 in­cludes “Christ­mas Show,” bus, shop­ping at Rock­vale Out­let and lunch at Dein­ner’s Coun­try Res­taur­ant. Bus leaves church at 8 a.m. Re­serve by Nov. 3. 215-885-7069, 215-745-7115.

Prime Time Gems Dec. 12. Surflight Theatre. $83 in­cludes “White Christ­mas” and lunch at Spray Beach Inn. 215-676-5423.

St. Mat­thews Seni­or Cit­izens Jan. 13. Re­sorts. $49, in­cludes “The Kid Sings Swing,” buf­fet and $25 slot play. Leaves from Cottman Av­en­ue and Bat­tersby Street at 9:30 a.m. 215-332-8940.

Ben­s­alem Seni­or Cit­izen As­so­ci­ation Jan. 14. Re­sorts. $52 in­cludes $25 slot play, lunch buf­fet, and show at Su­per­star Theat­er. Bus leaves from Le­onard and Tremont streets at 8:30 a.m. $30 de­pos­it due by Nov. 8. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.••

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