Campaign trail: Corbett to visit Fox Chase

Gov. Tom Corbett will kick off his re-elec­tion cam­paign this week with a series of events that in­clude a stop in Fox Chase.

Corbett will speak to sup­port­ers on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at Corp. John Louder­sla­ger Amer­ic­an Le­gion Post 366, at 7976 Ox­ford Ave.

Re­pub­lic­ans Corbett and Lt. Gov. Jim Caw­ley are not ex­pec­ted to have ser­i­ous chal­lenges in next May’s primary.

However, a crowded Demo­crat­ic primary is form­ing as Corbett’s job ap­prov­al rat­ings have been low.


One of those chal­lengers, U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, last week won the en­dorse­ment of the Phil­adelphia Demo­crat­ic City Com­mit­tee. She is be­ing backed by lead­ers in all 66 wards.

“We know that, as gov­ernor, Allyson will bring the same com­mit­ment to find­ing solu­tions for Pennsylvania’s fam­il­ies that she has as a state sen­at­or and United States con­gress­wo­man,” said Bob Brady, the city com­mit­tee chair­man and a con­gress­man.

“I am honored by this en­dorse­ment and have been proud that they have stood with me on be­half of our city’s res­id­ents dur­ing my time rep­res­ent­ing voters in both North­east and North­w­est Phil­adelphia,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz rep­res­ents the 13th Dis­trict, which is split between Mont­gomery County and Phil­adelphia. She has re­ceived the en­dorse­ments of the Pitt­s­burgh Fed­er­a­tion of Teach­ers, Pennsylvania State Coun­cil of Sheet Met­al Work­ers, United Mine Work­ers of Amer­ica, United Steel Work­ers Loc­al 10-1, Boil­er­makers Loc­al 19 and Pennsylvania As­so­ci­ation of Staff Nurses and Al­lied Pro­fes­sion­als.

In re­lated news, Schwartz called on the School Re­form Com­mis­sion to sell School Dis­trict of Phil­adelphia art­work to re­duce a budget short­fall.

“Phil­adelphia’s stu­dents, fam­il­ies and teach­ers de­serve every avail­able dol­lar to be put to­ward classroom learn­ing. It is un­reas­on­able for the dis­trict to hold on to art­work that could be worth mil­lions while schools don’t have nurses, stu­dents lack books, and teach­ers face lay­offs. Sellings the dis­trict’s vast col­lec­tions of art­work is only one step to­ward solv­ing the budget crisis fa­cing Phil­adelphia pub­lic schools, but it is an ac­tion that should be taken im­me­di­ately in light of the ser­i­ous fisc­al is­sues. Right now, the dis­trict doesn’t even know how much this art is worth and where it is all stored. This lack of over­sight and ac­count­ab­il­ity is un­ac­cept­able.”


An­oth­er Demo­crat­ic can­did­ate for gov­ernor, state Treas­urer Rob Mc­Cord, picked up sev­er­al uni­on en­dorse­ments last week. Among them is one from the United Food and Com­mer­cial Work­ers Loc­al 1776.

“As state treas­urer, Rob has stood on the side of work­ing men and wo­men on is­sues that in­clude jobs, the eco­nomy and a fair budget,” said Wendell Young IV, pres­id­ent of Loc­al 1776. “Rob has made clear that he sup­ports the jobs of the 3,500 UFCW mem­bers who work in our pub­licly owned Pennsylvania wine and spir­its stores. He knows these mem­bers work di­li­gently to provide the com­mon­wealth with great ser­vice and safety while help­ing to gen­er­ate mil­lions of dol­lars a year that be­ne­fits all Pennsylvania tax­pay­ers … Rob will be a great gov­ernor and he will be sure Pennsylvania starts in­vest­ing in work­ing fam­il­ies again.”

The Pitt­s­burgh-based In­ter­na­tion­al Broth­er­hood of Elec­tric­al Work­ers (IBEW) Loc­al 5 is also with Mc­Cord.

“The com­bin­a­tion of Rob Mc­Cord’s busi­ness and job-cre­ation ex­per­i­ence, his edu­ca­tion and his val­ues, and his work eth­ic and proven abil­ity to get things done is what we need at this time to get Pennsylvania mov­ing for­ward again,” said Mike Dun­leavy, Loc­al 5’s busi­ness man­ager..

Also, Mc­Cord has the back­ing of the Amer­ic­an Fed­er­a­tion of State, County and Mu­ni­cip­al Em­ploy­ees (AF­SCME). ••

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