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  • Aidan will be Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. MARIA POUCHNIKOVA / TIMES PHOTO

  • Jared Brito will perform in the musical Elf. MARIA POUCHNIKOVA / TIMES PHOTO

  • Dynamic duo: Jared and Aidan Brito will both have roles in holiday productions of two different shows at the Walnut Street Theatre. MARIA POUCHNIKOVA / TIMES PHOTO

Jared Brito can re­call dy­ing. It’s kind of a cute story.

The young act­or and his little broth­er, Aidan, had small roles in the Academy of Mu­sic’s re­cent pro­duc­tion of the op­era Nabucco, and Jared’s char­ac­ter was sac­ri­ficed to pa­gan gods.

Dur­ing an even­ing re­hears­al, Jared and a hand­ful of oth­er sac­ri­fi­cial vic­tims had to lie still as the op­era pro­ceeded. A sheet was placed over their “bod­ies.” Ly­ing still in the dark, Jared fell asleep so soundly the dir­ect­or had to awaken him, he said. 

It’s true Jared is something of a stage vet­er­an at just 12 years old, but he was really not all that re­laxed on the boards. Try tired. The re­hears­al was after a busy school day.

Jared and Aidan, who live near Welsh and the Boulevard, both have grow­ing act­ing re­sumes, said their proud dad, Wil­li­am. 

Now, the Brito boys will have roles in hol­i­day pro­duc­tions of two dif­fer­ent shows at the same theat­er.

Jared will per­form in the Wal­nut Street Theatre’s up­com­ing pro­duc­tion of the mu­sic­al Elf. He has some lines and he also sings with the oth­er cast mem­bers.

Aidan will be Tiny Tim in the Wal­nut’s present­a­tion of A Christ­mas Car­ol. We all know one of his fam­ous lines.

Be­sides a small role in Nabucco, Aidan was in a Cosby Kids spe­cial and in four com­mer­cials. You might have seen him in a com­mer­cial for Mont­gomeryville Nis­san or one for Glade plug-ins.

Jared played Win­throp Paroo in the Wal­nut’s pro­duc­tion of The Mu­sic Man last year. He was the boy in­ter­act­ing with “mon­ster” elec­tric­al out­lets in a PECO com­mer­cial and he was the boy play­ing foot­ball and Xbox in an NFL/Xbox com­mer­cial. He also had a small role in a re­cent re­make of An­nie. He’s been in some print ads, too.

In Elf, Jared gets to por­tray the clas­sic spoiled rot­ten brat.

“I play the kid on Santa’s lap” who is de­mand­ing the Grand Theft Auto video game his moth­er doesn’t want him to have, Jared said dur­ing an Oct. 31 in­ter­view at the Wal­nut. He’s far dif­fer­ent in at­ti­tude from the lov­able title char­ac­ter, Buddy.

“I’m ob­nox­ious,” Jared said.

Very ob­nox­ious, he said, al­though he was care­ful to men­tion that he did not mod­el his char­ac­ter’s grat­ing de­mean­or after any­one he ac­tu­ally knows. Jared also is the un­der­study of the char­ac­ter of Mi­chael Hobbs. He said he’s hav­ing a good time and guar­an­tees every­body who sees the mu­sic­al will, too.

“The whole show is odd and goofy,” he said. “Everything about it is funny. No one will come to the show and not laugh.”

Elf opened Tues­day and will con­tin­ue in­to Jan. 5, Jared said.

Aidan starts re­hears­als for the Charles Dick­ens Christ­mas clas­sic on Nov. 11. He was just cast in late Oc­to­ber. 

The hour­long ad­apt­a­tion, which will have day­time per­form­ances, opens Nov. 30, so the young­er Brito boy will have the early shift at the Wal­nut and Jared, the night hours as both Elf and A Christ­mas Car­ol share the his­tor­ic down­town theat­er un­til the Dick­ens’ story closes Dec. 22.

Show busi­ness might be a good time, but it’s a lot of work. Be­sides, the act­ing life has to be jux­ta­posed with school­ing, Wil­li­am Brito said. Easi­er to do for Aidan since he’s homeschooled, but more sched­ule-shift­ing is needed for Jared, who at­tends Gir­ard Aca­dem­ic Mu­sic Pro­gram. He’s got to ar­range to be away from classes.

Jared said he gets some rib­bing from his class­mates who tell him he’s lucky be­cause he gets off from school so he can re­hearse and per­form. He said he shrugs off the teas­ing. “I still have to do the work,” he said.

Al­though Aidan and Jared are pro­fes­sion­al act­ors, they’re still kids, so when they’re not study­ing or in a play, they’re go­ing to play. Both like base­ball and bas­ket­ball, and Jared also is tak­ing self-de­fense train­ing, their dad said.

They get time to be kids, he said. 

The Wal­nut Street Theatre is at 825 Wal­nut St. Call 215-574-355 for show­times. ••

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