Editorial: There is plenty to be thankful for in the NE

As the tur­keys, mashed pota­toes and oth­er good­ies are about to be placed on din­ner tables across the North­east on Thursday, what do we have to be thank­ful for this Thanks­giv­ing?


There’s the op­por­tun­ity to see four high school foot­ball games on Thursday morn­ing, right in our back­yards. The games are Arch­bish­op Ry­an at George Wash­ing­ton, Fath­er Judge at Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln, Fels at Frank­ford and — the grand­daddy of them all — Cent­ral at North­east. We pre­dict the win­ners will be Ry­an, Judge, Frank­ford and North­east.

We should also be thank­ful for strong neigh­bor­hoods, from Fox Chase to Somer­ton to Park­wood to Lex­ing­ton Park and else­where.

What makes those neigh­bor­hoods strong?

For one, many fea­ture play­grounds with mod­ern equip­ment and open space. If your loc­al play­ground needs some tender lov­ing care, call your City Coun­cil rep­res­ent­at­ive. Then there’s all the pub­lic park space. And the Delaware River City Cor­por­a­tion is mak­ing the wa­ter­front more ac­cess­ible. Now, we need the eco­nomy to im­prove so the own­ers of the privately held land fi­nally do something, as prom­ised a dec­ade ago.

The neigh­bor­hoods boast top-notch Cath­ol­ic and charter schools and pub­lic ele­ment­ary schools.

And check out what some civic as­so­ci­ations are do­ing. The folks at Lawn­crest Com­munity As­so­ci­ation reg­u­larly draw more than 100 people to their monthly meet­ings. And there’s al­ways something hap­pen­ing in May­fair. Head to Frank­ford and Ry­an on the af­ter­noon of Dec. 8 for a Christ­mas Vil­lage and tree-light­ing ce­re­mony.

As Black Fri­day nears, shop­pers should be happy that we have so many nice malls and com­mer­cial cor­ridors to buy presents for loved ones. Re­mem­ber, “Buy Amer­ic­an.”

We are home to plenty of thriv­ing re­li­gious in­sti­tu­tions. For those about to cel­eb­rate Christ­mas, re­mem­ber that Je­sus, not Xbox One or Play­Sta­tion 4, is the reas­on for the sea­son.

Fi­nally, we are thank­ful for the mil­it­ary per­son­nel, fire­fight­ers, para­med­ics, po­lice of­ficers and oth­ers who are pro­tect­ing us while miss­ing Thanks­giv­ing with their fam­il­ies.

Happy Thanks­giv­ing! ••

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