Letters to the Editor: November 20, 2013

Hon­or­ing our vet­er­ans with sup­port

We stand with Pennsylvania’s more than 964,000 vet­er­ans as they hon­or fel­low ser­vice men and wo­men and re­flect on their own ser­vice to our coun­try.

Ac­cord­ing to the Na­tion­al Hos­pice and Pal­li­at­ive Care Or­gan­iz­a­tion, one in four dy­ing Amer­ic­ans is a vet­er­an. No mat­ter how much time has passed, vet­er­ans carry the ex­per­i­ences of their mil­it­ary ser­vice with them, present­ing unique chal­lenges at the end of life. Vet­er­ans of each war have been ex­posed to dis­eases, en­vir­on­ment­al factors and per­son­al and pub­lic sen­ti­ments about their ser­vice. A vet­er­an of the Vi­et­nam War does not have the same needs as a vet­er­an of the Korean War or World War II. 

ldquo;We Hon­or Vet­er­ans,” a part­ner­ship between the Na­tion­al Hos­pice and Pal­li­at­ive Or­gan­iz­a­tion and the De­part­ment of Vet­er­ans Af­fairs, is de­voted to ad­dress­ing the needs of aging vet­er­ans. Joined by vet­er­ans’ part­ner­ships, VA fa­cil­it­ies, and vo­lun­teers across the coun­try, Holy Re­deem­er is one of the part­ners in the pro­gram learn­ing ways to identi­fy vet­er­an pa­tients, eval­u­ate the health im­pacts of their ex­per­i­ences, and de­term­ine the be­ne­fits that vet­er­ans and sur­viv­ing de­pend­ents may be en­titled to. This al­lows our staff to ac­com­pany and guide vet­er­ans and their fam­il­ies to­ward a more peace­ful end­ing.

As we honored and re­membered those who have served our coun­try on Vet­er­ans Day, con­sider show­ing your ap­pre­ci­ation for loc­al her­oes by vis­it­ing vet­er­ans in their homes or nurs­ing homes. Be­com­ing a hos­pice vo­lun­teer is an­oth­er way to provide emo­tion­al sup­port and com­pan­ion­ship to vet­er­ans, while as­sist­ing their fam­ily mem­bers with er­rands and giv­ing res­pite to care­givers. On Vet­er­ans Day and throughout the rest of the year, we in­vite you to join us in thank­ing the thou­sands of vet­er­ans who have served and pro­tec­ted our na­tion. 

JoAnne Ruden

Vice Pres­id­ent of Holy Re­deem­er Home­Care and Hos­pice

A re­sponse to Mr. Tomez­sko’s let­ter

Mr. Tomez­sko,


You cry ad hom­inem, but present no sol­id ar­gu­ment of your own. You do present the lo­gic­al fal­lacy of an ap­peal to tra­di­tion. 

You make what ap­pears to be an at­tempt to blame same sex mar­riage for the fall of the Ro­man em­pire and fail­ure of the French Re­volu­tion, and it is we who need the his­tory les­son? Neither you, nor I, nor any­one else de­serves priv­ileged rights in this coun­try. It is life, liberty, and the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness for all, not a se­lect ma­jor­ity who con­sist­ently at­tempt to im­pose them­selves upon oth­ers. Please read Amend­ment XIV of our Con­sti­tu­tion. 

Let me take a second to tackle some of the pro­posed ar­gu­ments you may have con­sidered:

1. It’s not nat­ur­al: I know how Amer­ic­ans love to re­ject things that are un­nat­ur­al, like eye glasses, poly­es­ter and air con­di­tion­ing.

2. It will en­cour­age oth­ers to be gay: Not any­more than hanging around tall people will make you be tall.

3. What’s next, mar­ry­ing your dog?:  Yes, be­cause a dog has leg­al stand­ing and can sign a mar­riage con­tract.

4. Straight mar­riages will be less mean­ing­ful: Like that of Brit­ney Spears’ 55 hour mar­riage.

5. Straight mar­riage pro­duce chil­dren: So I guess older couples and in­fer­tile couples shouldn’t be able to marry neither?

6. Gay par­ents will only raise gay chil­dren: Since it’s ob­vi­ous that straight par­ents only raise straight chil­dren.

7. Gay mar­riage is not sup­por­ted by re­li­gion: Well in a theo­cracy like the U.S., oth­ers’ re­li­gion is im­posed upon every­one else. That’s why we only have one re­li­gion, right?

8. Chil­dren won’t suc­ceed without both a male and fe­male role mod­el: Let’s for­bid single par­ents to raise chil­dren then. 

It is your ig­nor­ance that shines brightly, George. 

Mike Al­ex­an­der


Weigh­ing in on same-sex mar­riage de­bate

Mr. Tomez­sko, you are priv­ileged to de­fend your views on tra­di­tion­al mar­riage un­til death do you part this life, but you are not priv­ileged to get your facts wrong. You sug­gest the struggle to keep mar­riage tra­di­tion­al is win­ning and will totally win in the long run.  

Here are some of the states which have made same-sex mar­riage leg­al: Mas­sachu­setts, New York, Cali­for­nia, New Jer­sey and re­cently Illinois and Hawaii. Here are some of the coun­tries of the world which have done so (some of them pre­dom­in­ately Cath­ol­ic): Spain, France, Brazil, Eng­land and Wales (with the bless­ing of the Queen), Por­tugal, New Zea­l­and, The Neth­er­lands, Canada, South Africa, Nor­way, Sweden. 

George, you are so not on the side of his­tory. But then, not too long ago it was il­leg­al for a couple to marry if one was white and the oth­er was black. When the Su­premes in­ter­vened on this non­sense and said this was wrong, every­one settled down to the new nor­mal and ac­cep­ted it. 

Ed­ward Huber


An Oxy­mor­on: The Af­ford­able Care Act

For­tu­nately, I have no party af­fil­i­ation and have not been blinded by Obama’s speeches. My wife is in her six­ties had a cov­er­age can­celed and was offered a new policy with less cov­er­age for a 50 per­cent in­crease. This is hap­pen­ing to mil­lions across the coun­try des­pite the pres­id­ent’s prom­ise that this would not hap­pen. We use to call this ly­ing. 

In ad­di­tion, he now has every policy provid­ing be­ne­fits that will not ap­ply to many of us. Can you ima­gine pay­ing for ma­ter­nity be­ne­fits and pe­di­at­ric care at our age? Good old in­sur­ance lobby wins again hav­ing us pay­ing ex­tra for something we will nev­er use.

Get ready be­cause fund­ing re­tire­ment plans for the 50 mil­lion or more who have not saved will be next.

An­thony Dello Russo Jr.

Fox Chase

You can reach at .

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