Forrest Elementary partners with supermarket for new fundraising campaign

School fun­drais­ing has come a long way from just bake sales and stu­dents selling gift wrap door-to-door. 

Like many pub­lic schools, the Home and School As­so­ci­ation at For­rest Ele­ment­ary in May­fair is part­ner­ing with loc­al busi­nesses to raise funds for their school without put­ting ex­tra fin­an­cial bur­dens on par­ents. The most re­cent ef­fort is a col­lab­or­a­tion with Bot­tom Dol­lar, where any­one with a mem­ber­ship card for the su­per­mar­ket can link their ac­count to the school’s fun­drais­ing pro­gram. Each pur­chase earns “points” for the school, which can be re­deemed for classroom sup­plies from pens and pen­cils up through books, art sup­plies and even pro­ject­ors and laptops. 

“We’re very ex­cited about fun­draisers like these, be­cause it makes it easy for fam­il­ies and whole com­munit­ies to help out our school,” said Ra­chael Para­mito, the Home and School board mem­ber who co­ordin­ated the fun­draiser. “We’ve heard from a lot of par­ents that it’s get­ting harder to find the time and the money to buy or sell things. This helps people like that con­trib­ute.” 

The Home and School As­so­ci­ation at For­rest reg­u­larly provides classroom sup­plies like cal­cu­lat­ors, com­puter soft­ware and sci­ence and art sup­plies. Each year, the group also spon­sors buses for field trips, mu­sic­al in­stru­ments and the school play along with hand­ling re­quests from teach­ers and stu­dent fam­il­ies throughout the year. Ac­cord­ing to Home and School Pres­id­ent Tam­mie Lynn-Pon­tarelli, the group’s ef­forts are more im­port­ant than ever this year.

“We’ve al­ways been a group of ded­ic­ated par­ents that care about the edu­ca­tion of all the chil­dren in our school,” she ex­plained, “Now, a lot of our ef­forts go to­ward provid­ing ba­sic needs that a dis­grace­ful school budget can’t af­ford.”

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