Convicted murderer now on death row

Omar Cash will be switch­ing pris­on cells.

Cash, a twice-con­victed mur­der­er, will be mov­ing from gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion to death row now that a Phil­adelphia jury has ordered his ex­e­cu­tion for the April 21, 2008, slay­ing of Muliek Brown, 19, at a Frank­ford Av­en­ue car wash. The jury de­lib­er­ated just two hours on Fri­day be­fore de­cid­ing on the death sen­tence. Their oth­er op­tion was life in pris­on without pa­role. Days earli­er, the same jury of nine wo­men and three men de­lib­er­ated about a half-hour be­fore un­an­im­ously con­vict­ing Cash of first-de­gree murder.

Ac­cord­ing to tri­al testi­mony, Brown was pol­ish­ing the rims of his car out­side Win­ning Edge Car Wash, 3770 Frank­ford Ave., when Cash walked up to him and shot him in the back of the head for no ap­par­ent reas­on. Cash test­i­fied at tri­al that Brown was part of a neigh­bor­hood gang that had tar­geted Cash pre­vi­ously, but the jury didn’t buy the “kill or be killed” de­fense.

Be­fore the tri­al, Cash was serving life in pris­on without pa­role for the first-de­gree murder of a man in Bucks County and the rape of his girl­friend days after the Brown killing. A Bucks jury spared Cash a death sen­tence in 2010. ••

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