Letters to the Editor: November 13, 2013

A sym­bol of re­mem­brance in Holme Circle

On Nov. 3, the Holme Circle Civic As­so­ci­ation sponsored a Flag­pole Ded­ic­a­tion Ce­re­mony at the his­tor­ic Holme-Crispin Cemetery in the 3000 block of Holme Av­en­ue cel­eb­rat­ing the con­clu­sion of months spent restor­ing the once neg­lected lot. This quarter acre is the fi­nal rest­ing place of Thomas Holme, ap­poin­ted by Wil­li­am Penn as Sur­vey­or Gen­er­al of Pennsylvania, who laid out the ori­gin­al plan for the City of Phil­adelphia.

The pro­gram fea­tured the Present­a­tion of Col­ors by the Phil­adelphia Po­lice Hon­or Guard; speak­ers Brenda Exon of Part­ners for Civic Pride and Fred Moore of the North­east Phil­adelphia His­tory Net­work; bless­ing of the flags by Fr. Boyle of St. Jerome’s; so­loist Al­lis­on Dig­nam; and state pro­clam­a­tions from state Reps. John Sabat­ina, Ed Neilson and Kev­in Boyle along with con­grat­u­lat­ory re­marks by Lisa Mar­ie Dee­ley of Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on’s of­fice. 

Three Holme Circle res­id­ents rep­res­en­ted each branch of the gov­ern­ment as they presen­ted their flags: Al­ex­an­der Hor­anzy, a Pearl Har­bor sur­viv­or; Mike Fagan, a state em­ploy­ee for the House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives; and, Mrs. Kath­leen Simpson, wid­ow of Phil­adelphia Po­lice Sgt. Timothy Simpson who was killed in the line of duty. 

Great com­munity spir­it was evid­ent that day as the ded­ic­a­tion was not only at­ten­ded by Holme Circle res­id­ents, but also by our neigh­bors from com­munit­ies such as Holmes­burg, May­fair, Park­wood, Mor­rell Park, etc. Many thanks to our area busi­nesses who con­trib­uted to the event with trees, land­scap­ing, re­fresh­ments, and yes, even the flag­pole from Grainger Inc.   

So, the next time that you’re trav­el­ing on Holme Av­en­ue, look for our new flag­pole. It’s not just any flag­pole, but rather to us “Holme Circleites,” it’s a sym­bol of com­munity ef­fort, bond­ing, and pride. 

Elsie Stevens, Pres­id­ent

Holme Circle Civic As­so­ci­ation

Ad­di­tion­al thanks to Mary Be­nussi 

I would like to echo the thoughts of Le­on and Mar­ie Dutkiewicz from their Oct. 30 let­ter (Kudos to Mary Be­nussi) re­gard­ing the re­cently resigned pres­id­ent of the Ta­cony Civic As­so­ci­ation. When I de­cided to step down a few years ago, Mary Be­nussi was the only per­son amidst a hand­ful of qual­i­fied vo­lun­teers will­ing to take the helm of a very act­ive and vi­gil­ant com­munity as­so­ci­ation. 

As one of the largest civic as­so­ci­ations in the city, it is quite a bur­den to com­pet­ently ad­dress zon­ing is­sues, qual­ity-of-life is­sues, work with elec­ted of­fi­cials and provide com­munity events like the sum­mer con­cert series and Win­ter­fests.

Mary Be­nussi gave count­less hours to her com­munity in the ca­pa­city of vice pres­id­ent, pres­id­ent and zon­ing com­mit­tee mem­ber/chair, testi­fy­ing many times be­fore the Zon­ing Board of Ad­just­ment and City Coun­cil, al­ways with the best in­terests of Ta­cony at heart.  

Our com­munity needs more ded­ic­ated vo­lun­teers like Mary to help ful­fill the vis­ion of a re­vital­ized com­munity es­tab­lished a gen­er­a­tion ago by those that formed groups like the Ta­cony Civic As­so­ci­ation and His­tor­ic­al So­ci­ety of Ta­cony.  

Thanks again, Mary, for your pas­sion and ded­ic­a­tion!

Louis M. Iatarola


They are crim­in­als, not “re­turn­ing cit­izens”

May­or Nut­ter has is­sued an ex­ec­ut­ive or­der de­clar­ing that ex-of­fend­ers (crim­in­als) will now be re­ferred to as “re­turn­ing cit­izens” on all city pa­per­work.

How will em­ploy­ers feel, know­ing im­port­ant hir­ing in­form­a­tion is be­ing ob­scured? What about “re­turn­ing cit­izens” from mil­it­ary duty? Should they be lumped in­to the same group?

I was think­ing about all this as I read about an 81-year-old Temple pro­fess­or who was robbed at knife­point, then beaten, by a fu­ture “re­turn­ing cit­izen.”

I think so­ci­ety is smart enough to know people need second chances — but re­hab­il­it­a­tion also re­quires we tell the truth about what you were.

“Re­turn­ing cit­izen” im­plies someone went on a jour­ney, per­haps a trip to Par­is. May­or Nut­ter, I sug­gest that all in­mates re­leased from jail be giv­en — for their first in­ter­view — a suit­case, a ber­et and some French bread.

Richard Iac­on­elli


Thank you neigh­bors

Thank you to my neigh­bors in the North­east. Al­though not elec­ted dis­trict at­tor­ney, I am humbled that I won among work­ing-class fam­il­ies con­cen­trated in the North­east and river wards.

I am told that these votes came from Re­pub­lic­an house­holds and many Demo­crat­ic house­holds who split the tick­et, put­ting polit­ics aside and re­ject­ing busi­ness as usu­al.

From my fam­ily to yours, thank you and God bless. God bless the work­ing class who are the back­bone of this city — play­ing by the rules and keep­ing the city run­ning, des­pite a gov­ern­ment that is fail­ing us. 

Danny Al­varez

Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­ee for dis­trict at­tor­ney Somer­ton

Gov­ern­ment should join Obama­care

I have an idea! Tell the Pres­id­ent to in­clude him­self, the Sen­ate, the House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives and every Amer­ic­an covered un­der Obama­care and see who the hol­d­outs are after that. 

Why don’t mem­bers of the gov­ern­ment give up their health cov­er­age and join Obama­care? Can someone an­swer that ques­tion? 

News me­dia, do your work and get an an­swer. Try ask­ing the hard ques­tions be­fore it’s too late.

On second thought, it should be on the elec­tion ques­tions so all Amer­ic­ans can vote if all politi­cians should also be covered un­der Obama­care.

B. Ca­po­bi­anco


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