Donations needed for Eleanor Smylie Community Fund

Thanks­giv­ing is just two weeks away, and Christ­mas isn’t too far be­hind.

For 58 years, North­east res­id­ents have been tak­ing care of their own by con­trib­ut­ing to a fund es­tab­lished by the Times to make sure fam­il­ies have a hol­i­day din­ner and chil­dren have a gift un­der the Christ­mas tree.

The Elean­or Smylie Com­munity Fund matches those who could use help at Christ­mas time with neigh­bors who have a few ex­tra dol­lars to spare.

Already this year, the news­pa­per has re­ceived re­quests for help from people. Among them are a Wissi­nom­ing wo­man who wants to provide for her chil­dren, but suffered a fall at home and is on the mend; a Ta­cony wo­man who is rais­ing her two grand­daugh­ters; a Rockledge wo­man who is rais­ing her three teen­age grand­chil­dren after the death or their dad; a dis­abled Castor Gar­dens wo­man who is caring for her grand­son; and a Frank­ford fam­ily strug­gling to pay for some un­ex­pec­ted and costly home re­pairs.

At the same time, we are buoyed when we re­ceive checks from gen­er­ous read­ers reach­ing out to help. We grate­fully ac­cept each dona­tion, small or large. The money goes to­ward gift cards for the needy.

The Times will print your name and dona­tion in the pa­per, or we will hon­or your re­quest to re­main an­onym­ous. If you’d like to join the ranks of donors, or if you’d like to make a re­quest for help, the ad­dress is the same. Write to us at: Elean­or Smylie Com­munity Fund, 2512 Met­ro­pol­it­an Drive, Tre­vose, PA 19053.

Or, you can email

If you are ask­ing for help for your­self or if you know of someone who needs as­sist­ance, we need you to in­clude the name and con­tact num­ber of an agency or friend who can veri­fy the in­form­a­tion.

Here are a few of the early con­trib­ut­ors to this year’s fund:

ull; Joann C. Hut­ton       $10

ull; James Al­bert       $20

ull; In memory of Robert L. Gill Jr.   $40 ••

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