Convicted murderer could face death penalty

Omar Cash’s per­son­al motto must be, “If at first you don’t suc­ceed, try, try again.”

That’s ex­actly what the con­victed mur­der­er and per­man­ent pris­on in­mate did last week when he test­i­fied in his own de­fense in yet an­oth­er murder tri­al — this one in­volving the ex­e­cu­tion-style killing of a mar­ried fath­er of one out­side a Frank­ford Av­en­ue car wash in 2008.

De­fense at­tor­neys usu­ally ad­vise their cli­ents not to testi­fy, fig­ur­ing that it gen­er­ally does more harm than good to al­low a pro­sec­utor to cross-ex­am­ine a de­fend­ant. But Cash doesn’t seem to mind.

In 2010, he took the stand in Bucks County and ended up with a first-de­gree murder con­vic­tion. The jury sen­tenced him to life in pris­on without pa­role.

Last Thursday, a Phil­adelphia jury con­victed Cash, 31, of first-de­gree murder for the April 21, 2008, shoot­ing death of Muliek Ron­ald Brown at Win­ning Edge Car Wash, 3770 Frank­ford Ave. The sen­ten­cing phase began on Tues­day with Cash fa­cing the death pen­alty.

In his latest testi­mony, Cash re­portedly blamed the vic­tim for the shoot­ing, claim­ing that Brown was part of a gang that had pre­vi­ously shot at him. It was “kill or be killed,” Cash re­portedly said.

Cash ad­mit­ted that he shot Brown, 19, in the back of the head as Brown stooped to pol­ish the rims on his car.

In the earli­er Bucks County case, Cash was con­victed of car­jack­ing an im­mig­rant car­penter and his Brazili­an-Amer­ic­an girl­friend out­side a Frank­ford nightclub, for­cing them to drive to a motel on Old Lin­coln High­way in Tre­vose, killing the man, dump­ing his body along a U.S. 1 off-ramp and driv­ing the wo­man to an­oth­er motel in Lawrenceville, N.J. Cash raped the wo­man re­peatedly. After she es­caped, he fled to New York, where po­lice ar­res­ted him days later.

After his June 2, 2010, sen­ten­cing in that case, Cash re­portedly de­clared to bystand­ers as he de­par­ted the Doylestown courtroom, “Come down to Philly in a couple months and we’ll do it all again.” ••

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