Henon works to bring a needed crossing guard to Bridesburg

A City Coun­cil­man re­sponds to Brides­burg res­id­ents' con­cerns over the lack of a cross­ing guard at an in­ter­sec­tion near sev­er­al schools.

Brides­burg Ele­ment­ary School, 2824 Jenks St., is one of the schools near the busy in­ter­sec­tion that is deemed un­safe. MI­KALA JAM­IS­ON / STAR PHOTO

Neigh­bors in Brides­burg have ex­pressed con­cern about a busy in­ter­sec­tion that could spell trouble for school chil­dren.

At Or­tho­dox and Rich­mond streets, closeby to Brides­burg Ele­ment­ary School and All Saints School, there is no ap­poin­ted cross­ing guard man­ning the in­ter­sec­tion. 

Many neigh­bors have been dis­cuss­ing on­line the danger of that in­ter­sec­tion hav­ing no cross­ing guard. Brides­burg man Daniel Adair pos­ted on the Brides­burg Face­book page the email he sent to Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on (D-6th dist.), which reads, in part:

“As it’s well known, this in­ter­sec­tion is the most heav­ily, dan­ger­ously traveled in Brides­burg…this in­ter­sec­tion without a des­ig­nated cross­ing guard or po­lice pres­ence dur­ing open­ing/clos­ing time of the area schools, is an ac­ci­dent wait­ing to hap­pen…” 

Adair’s let­ter goes on to say that re­quests from the com­munity to ap­point a cross­ing guard at the in­ter­sec­tion have poured in since the be­gin­ning of the school year. 

Hen­on has re­spon­ded by tak­ing steps to have a cross­ing guard placed at the in­ter­sec­tion.

Last week, Hen­on’s of­fice made avail­able to Star a let­ter that Hen­on sent Sgt. Tara Holmes at the School Cross­ing Guard Headquar­ters on Hunt­ing Park Av­en­ue. 

It reads:

“We have re­ceived nu­mer­ous alls and emails from con­stitu­ents con­cern­ing the lack of cross­ing guard rep­res­ent­a­tion at the in­ter­sec­tions of Frank­ford and Or­tho­dox Streets near Frank­lin Towne Charter School and also the in­ter­sec­tion of Rhawn Street and Tor­res­dale Av­en­ue, ad­ja­cent to New Found­a­tions Charter School. 

Dis­cus­sions with your of­fice in­dic­ate that there are not enough funds — and thus, enough guards — to fill the va­can­cies at these loc­a­tions. We would greatly ap­pre­ci­ate if you could re­vis­it the is­sues per­tain­ing to the above men­tioned in­ter­sec­tions and try to work out a solu­tion which will al­le­vi­ate the safety is­sues ex­pressed by our con­stitu­ents.” ••

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