Story Archive November 12 2013

Cell phone buying machine ban moves forward in PA

The city has seen an increase in cell phone thefts. A state bill to ban machines which purchase old cell phones is moving forward on the grounds they offer phone thieves a quick payment.

Henon works to bring a needed crossing guard to Bridesburg

A City Councilman responds to Bridesburg residents' concerns over the lack of a crossing guard at an intersection near several schools.

Honoring those who served

A Port Richmond bugler offers his musical services at veterans’ funerals and memorials across the city. 

The Kenzo champ

A Mixed Martial Arts champ is also a Kensington native who learned how to compete while growing up in the neighborhood.

A ‘neighborhood’ guy with his name on the sign

Michael Primavera has lived in pretty much every River Wards neighborhood. Now, he's a business owner in Fishtown, and he says he's focused on giving back to the communities that shaped him. 

Not just a ‘Pile of Bricks’

There's been a lot of bad news for the arts in the River Wards lately, with local artist spaces closing left and right. But East Kensington artist Sarah Finestone says she feels motivated to keep up the neighborhood's artistic energy. 

Port Richmond honors a very special veteran

A plaque honoring a Port Richmond man who was the first person from Philadelphia to die in the Korean War was dedicated on Veterans Day. 

Port Richmond Kmart gives back to friends

A holiday season event at Port Richmond Kmart gave families an early start on the holiday, and kids got to visit with Santa Claus.

River Ward events for the week of November 13

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