Frankford Civic talks zoning

Mem­bers of the Frank­ford Civic As­so­ci­ation on May 2 backed zon­ing vari­ance ap­plic­a­tions for a kit­chen ex­pan­sion, a day-care cen­ter and stor­age space. 

By ac­clam­a­tion, the two dozen mem­bers who at­ten­ded a ses­sion at Aria Health Frank­ford cam­pus sup­por­ted vari­ances for: 

A plan to build a con­tract­or’s stor­age build­ing at 1728 Or­tho­dox St. The prop­erty is an empty lot between oth­er build­ings. Many of the sur­round­ing prop­er­ties are va­cant. A vari­ance is needed be­cause the prop­erty is zoned res­id­en­tial.

An ex­pan­ded kit­chen at 1950 Bridge St. The ad­ded space already has been built, but since all build­ing ex­pan­sions need zon­ing vari­ances, ex­plained Pete Specos, the as­so­ci­ation’s pres­id­ent, the civic’s ap­prov­al was sought.

A small day-care cen­ter op­er­a­tion at 1545 Jack­son St. A vari­ance was needed be­cause that prop­erty cur­rently has res­id­en­tial zon­ing.

Specos said a vari­ance ap­plic­a­tion to al­low a Crown Fried Chick­en store at 4732 Griscom St. has been with­drawn. Mem­bers over­whelm­ingly had op­posed the plan dur­ing the as­so­ci­ation’s April 4 ses­sion. Dur­ing the May meet­ing, res­id­ents said they op­posed any kind of food op­er­a­tion at what used to be Len’s Shoe Re­pair.

In oth­er busi­ness, mem­bers dis­cussed – with fer­vor – prob­lems with dog own­ers not clean­ing up after their pets. Griscom Street res­id­ent Sandra Barry said the prob­lem is so bad, even on Frank­ford Av­en­ue, that ped­es­tri­ans have to be care­ful where they step.

There are a few signs pos­ted in the neigh­bor­hood warn­ing of $300 fines for soil­ing the streets with dog doo, but res­id­ents said they want to see more signs and more fines.

The city needs money, Barry said, and it could get some by is­su­ing more tick­ets to care­less pet own­ers.  ••

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