Normandy house remains a neighborhood eyesore

A Nor­mandy house lis­ted as “im­min­ently dan­ger­ous” since March still stands even though the city wants it de­mol­ished.

It’s not that there’s much left of 2815 Nor­mandy Drive. There isn’t. What was once a show­place in the small neigh­bor­hood north of Comly Road is now a scorched husk with no win­dows or doors.

The corner prop­erty with the in-ground pool has been va­cant for at least three years, and it had been a tar­get for van­dals and a neigh­bor­hood nuis­ance. On Jan. 24, it caught fire. 

It was after it burned that the city de­clared the prop­erty dan­ger­ous and said it would tear it down after April 30 if the own­er didn’t step for­ward to do the job. To se­cure the prop­erty in the mean­time, the city sur­roun­ded the house and pool with a cyc­lone fence. 

The bank that holds the mort­gage had agreed to de­mol­ish the house, said Maura Kennedy, spokes­wo­man for the De­part­ment of Li­censes & In­spec­tions. But no de­moli­tion per­mits were pulled, she said May 1, so the case has been re­ferred to the city’s Law De­part­ment. 

Kennedy said the city will seek a court or­der to raze the build­ing.

John Wis­niewski, pres­id­ent of the Nor­mandy Civic As­so­ci­ation, on May 2 said he was sur­prised no ac­tion had been taken. He said he ex­pec­ted the build­ing to be torn down. Over the past few years, civic as­so­ci­ation mem­bers re­peatedly have com­plained to po­lice and loc­al of­fi­cials about the prop­erty. Nu­mer­ous vi­ol­a­tions for high weeds, stag­nant wa­ter, aban­doned cars, rub­bish and un­se­cured win­dows are cited on L&I’s Web site. The Com­munity Life Im­prove­ment Pro­gram took care of those prob­lems, and there is an out­stand­ing bill for more than $13,000 for CLIP’s work that’s been sent to a col­lec­tion agency.

City re­cords list Jorge Oy­ola Jr. as the prop­erty’s own­er. Neigh­bors say he lived there for a few years after pur­chas­ing the house in late 2006, but left the prop­erty some­time dur­ing the last three to five years. In March, Kennedy said the city had tried to con­tact Oy­ola by mail, but had not heard from him. The only ad­dress the city has for Oy­ola is 2815 Nor­mandy. ••

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