What happened to those photos?

Shar­rif sup­port sys­tem: From left: Faith Arm­strong-Gar­rett, Greg Gar­rett, Mimi Co­hen, Mike Ed­wards, Tauheed Smith, Lu­cille Ry­ans, Ron Co­hen and Le­onard Lipscomb. ED MOR­RONE / TIMES PHOTO

When the timestamp on an e-mail from a col­league is 2 a.m., you know that the news is not likely to be good. So, it was with some trep­id­a­tion that I opened the note from Brandon Cham­ber­lain, who was at the plant on the night we made the switchover to a new print­er. His e-mail gave me the first hint that the pho­tos in last week’s edi­tion were go­ing to be too dark.

And, boy, were they.

Our new print­er’s lay­er­ing of black ink made the stor­ies easi­er to read, but the pho­tos suffered. I’m sure you saw that the faces were ob­scured and de­tails were ob­lit­er­ated in sev­er­al im­ages.

We reg­u­larly use Pho­toshop to tone the im­ages and cre­ate the gray­scales, but clearly the set­tings we’d been us­ing to pre­pare the im­ages were not cor­rect for our new print­ing pro­cess. 

So, we spent a good deal of time last week ex­per­i­ment­ing with new set­tings, and even ran a test of eight pages of pho­tos to see what we needed to do to make the pho­tos look good in the pa­per.

We’re still ex­per­i­ment­ing, and as I write this, I am hop­ing that our im­ages this week will be back up to par.

Over the next few weeks, we will con­tin­ue to tweak the set­tings to make the im­ages as clear as we can on these pages. 

And we wanted to re-run one of our fa­vor­ite im­ages from last week, one that sadly was too dark to read. This im­age shows Shar­rif Floyd’s sup­port­ers shortly be­fore they boarded a bus to New York City for the Na­tion­al Foot­ball League draft. You can see on their faces what this trip means to them. That’s what we had in­ten­ded to show our read­ers. ••

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