Student nominates dad for honorary degree

A New Jer­sey fire­fight­er, whose son is a Holy Fam­ily Uni­versity stu­dent and also a fire­fight­er, re­cently re­ceived an hon­or­ary doc­tor of hu­mane let­ters de­gree from the North­east school dur­ing gradu­ation ce­re­mon­ies.

Randy J. Cod­ding­ton, a cap­tain in the Irving­ton, N.J., fire de­part­ment, was nom­in­ated by his son, Randy D. Cod­ding­ton, who is a vo­lun­teer fire­fight­er along with his dad in the fam­ily’s ho­met­own, Hills­bor­ough, N.J.

“It was a sur­prise to him,” the young­er Cod­ding­ton said in a phone in­ter­view Monday. “He al­ways says he doesn’t do what he does for a thank you.”

The eld­er Cod­ding­ton is the chief of­ficer of the Hills­bor­ough vo­lun­teer fire de­part­ment, ac­cord­ing to a Holy Fam­ily news re­lease. He’s been a pro­fes­sion­al for 23 years and a vo­lun­teer for 27 years, his son said.

Randy D. Cod­ding­ton, 23, is study­ing fire sci­ence and pub­lic safety ad­min­is­tra­tion at Holy Fam­ily. He’s been a vo­lun­teer fire­fight­er in his home town for six years.

Ac­cord­ing to Pres­id­ent Sis­ter Francesca On­ley, the nom­in­a­tion of an hon­or­ary de­gree re­cip­i­ent by a cur­rent stu­dent of his/her own par­ent is the first time this has happened in her 32-year ten­ure at the helm.

“It was un­usu­al for Holy Fam­ily to do this,” Sis­ter Francesca said, “but the Hon­or­ary De­gree Com­mit­tee felt that it strongly con­veyed our mis­sion, with the nom­in­ee be­ing both a fam­ily mem­ber and a first re­spon­der.” ••

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