Officer Randy Vogt wins big 7th PDAC honors

Phil­adelphia Po­lice Of­ficer Randy Vo­gt was the big win­ner at the monthly meet­ing of the 7th Po­lice Dis­trict Ad­vis­ory Coun­cil on May 16 as he was named the dis­trict’s new­est Of­ficer of the Month and Of­ficer of the Year.

Vo­gt shared the monthly award with his part­ner, Of­ficer Al­fred Fiorentino, and was chosen over three oth­er nom­in­ees for the an­nu­al award, which re­cog­nizes his job per­form­ance throughout 2012. Vo­gt was named Of­ficer of the Month once in 2012 after he and Fiorentino made two not­able ar­rests in Novem­ber.

On Nov. 1, the two of­ficers went to an apart­ment build­ing on the 9100 block of Old New­town Road in re­sponse to a re­port of a per­son with a gun. A wo­man greeted them and com­plained that an­oth­er wo­man, her neigh­bor, had threatened her and her 15-month-old child with a gun. 

At the scene, Vo­gt and Fiorentino also no­ticed a dis­turb­ance in­side the ac­cused wo­man’s apart­ment. When they in­vest­ig­ated, the wo­man denied hav­ing a gun, but a man in the apart­ment dir­ec­ted the of­ficers to a .380-caliber pis­tol and two magazines of live am­muni­tion. The of­ficers ar­res­ted the wo­man for ag­grav­ated as­sault and weapons vi­ol­a­tions.

About two weeks later, on Nov. 14, Vo­gt and Fiorentino cap­tured an armed rob­bery sus­pect shortly after he al­legedly held up two North­east stores. 

After vis­it­ing the second crime scene, Vo­gt and Fiorentino were sur­vey­ing the sur­round­ing area in a patrol vehicle when they spot­ted a bi­cyc­list match­ing a de­scrip­tion of the rob­ber.  He was at Grant Av­en­ue and Roosevelt Boulevard. When the of­ficers tried to stop him, the sus­pect reached for his belt area. The of­ficers wrestled him to the ground and re­covered a BB gun from him.

Later, the sus­pect ad­mit­ted to both rob­ber­ies as well as three earli­er heists at a loc­al phar­macy and two res­taur­ants.

Vo­gt and Fiorentino earned the latest Of­ficer of the Month re­cog­ni­tion after they cap­tured an armed burg­lary sus­pect red-handed on April 19.

That even­ing, a wo­man on the 2200 block of Fuller St. saw sus­pi­cious activ­ity at the un­oc­cu­pied home of a neigh­bor, so she called the neigh­bor to warn him. When the homeown­er got home, his back door had been pried open and port­able safe re­moved from the house. The safe’s door had been opened and a 9-mil­li­meter pis­tol re­moved from it.

The vic­tim con­tac­ted po­lice who ar­rived at the scene at about 9:22 p.m. They spot­ted a sus­pi­cious man in an al­ley be­hind the house, crouch­ing with a bag in his hands. See­ing po­lice, the man ran, then got onto a bi­cycle and con­tin­ued to flee. When Vo­gt and Fiorentino caught up with him on the 7900 block of East­wood St., he was still wear­ing a black mask over his face. The of­ficers searched the man and found two hand­guns, in­clud­ing the stolen pis­tol. He was charged with burg­lary and re­lated of­fenses. •• 

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