Knife wielding man fatally shot by police

Po­lice of­ficers shot and killed a man on an Ox­ford Circle street on Sat­urday morn­ing after he al­legedly charged at them with a butcher knife.

Patrol of­ficers from the 2nd dis­trict went to the 1400 block of Rob­bins Ave. at about 6:40 a.m. in re­sponse to a re­port of a per­son with a knife, ac­cord­ing to Lt. John Stan­ford, a Phil­adelphia po­lice spokes­man. Upon their ar­rival, they saw a man hold­ing a sev­en-inch butcher knife, bleed­ing and run­ning through the street.

One of­ficer used the bump­er of his patrol car to knock the man to the ground, but the sub­ject got up with the knife still in-hand, Stan­ford said. Po­lice ordered him to drop the weapon, but he ad­vanced to­ward the of­ficers in­stead.

The of­ficers shot the man, said Stan­ford, who did not dis­close the num­ber or nature of the man’s wounds. Even then, he con­tin­ued to struggle with mul­tiple of­ficers be­fore they sub­dued him and took the knife. A wit­ness con­firmed this ac­count of events, Stan­ford said.

Para­med­ics took the crit­ic­ally in­jured man to Aria Health-Tor­res­dale, where he was pro­nounced dead at 9:17 a.m. Po­lice did not re­lease his iden­tity. He was 23 years old. ••  

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