Pets of the Week (May 22, 2013)

Meet Mup­pet

Mup­pet is a young sil­ver Maine Coon mix who is in foster care via For­got­ten Cats. The fluffy cat has a gentle de­mean­or, is su­per so­cial and is sweet around chil­dren.

Mup­pet likes oth­er cats when slowly in­tro­duced. She needs a pinch of Tylan powder in her food to help with her di­ges­tion. She is spayed and vac­cin­ated, and has tested neg­at­ive for the fe­line leuk­emia and im­mun­ode­fi­ciency vir­uses.

To ap­ply to ad­opt Mup­pet, vis­it­find­­de­tail/22617856 or go to the ad­op­tion cen­ter at the PetS­mart at 901 Old York Road in Jen­k­in­town. ••

Jimbo is a sweet­heart

Jimbo is a sweet, friendly 5- to 10-year-old male shih tzu who is in foster care with four oth­er dogs.

The dog has had a life of neg­lect, but loves car rides, toys and ex­plor­ing out­doors. He is in­de­pend­ent and likes to chill after play time. He gets along well with the oth­er dogs in his foster home. He takes med­ic­a­tion that costs about $1 a day.

To meet Jimbo, email his foster mom at ••

Tom and Jerry are best buds

Tom, 6, and Jerry, 2, were aban­doned sep­ar­ately, but found each oth­er and be­came great pals.

The cats were liv­ing out­side and eat­ing whatever scraps they could find be­fore be­ing taken in by North­east An­im­al Res­cue pri­or to Hur­ricane Sandy.

The boys are a little shy at first, but warm up to people once they get to know them.

Both cats are neutered and cur­rent on vac­cin­a­tions, and have tested neg­at­ive for the fe­line im­mun­ode­fi­ciency and leuk­emia vir­uses.

To ad­opt Tom, fill out an ap­plic­a­tion at ht­tp://nar.res­­im­als/de­tail?An­im­al­ID=5466920

To ad­opt Jerry, fill out an ap­plic­a­tion at ht­tp://nar.res­­im­als/de­tail?An­im­al­ID=5466922 ••

You can reach at

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