Nazareth unveils military statue

Naz­areth Academy High School’s mil­it­ary club  has un­veiled its statue of St. Mi­chael the Archangel, the pat­ron saint of the mil­it­ary, po­lice of­ficers, para­med­ics and chiv­alry.

One of the school’s prom­in­ent gradu­ates is Army Capt. Christine C. (Ka­woczka) Krueger.

A Yard­ley nat­ive and 2004 Naz­areth gradu­ate, Krueger vis­ited her alma ma­ter last Oc­to­ber to present an Amer­ic­an flag that flew on the Black Hawk heli­copter she flew on a Ju­ly 4, 2012, com­bat mis­sion from Ba­gram Air­field in Afgh­anistan in sup­port of Op­er­a­tion En­dur­ing Free­dom XII.

The fol­ded flag sits in a case at­tached to the wall out­side the school chapel. Next to it is a framed cer­ti­fic­ate that de­scribes the mis­sion.

The mil­it­ary club, in­spired by Krueger, sold “Sup­port Our Troops” brace­lets to raise money for the statue.

Club mem­bers in­vited Florence Ka­woczka, Krueger’s moth­er, to the April 25 ce­re­mony and presen­ted her with flowers.

Krueger is sta­tioned in Alabama.

“We love Naz­areth,” her moth­er said. “It’s a spe­cial school, it really is. It gave my daugh­ter the back­ground to suc­ceed in the mil­it­ary.” ••

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