NoLibs to get farmer’s market and CSA farm share

Res­id­ents in NoLibs will have ac­cess to healthy, loc­ally grown pro­duce and oth­er foods through a new com­munity-sup­por­ted-ag­ri­cul­ture group.

Neigh­bor­hood Foods, a West Philly urb­an farm, Liberty Lands Park and North­ern Liber­ties’ Caf&ea­cute; Chis­mosa have partnered to bring a farm­ers’ mar­ket and CSA (Com­munity Sup­por­ted Ag­ri­cul­ture) share pro­gram to the neigh­bor­hood this sum­mer.

Dylan Baird, Busi­ness Man­ager/Pro­grams Co­ordin­at­or for Neigh­bor­hood Foods, said the or­gan­iz­a­tion’s goal is to cre­ate a fin­an­cially sus­tain­able urb­an farm­ing busi­ness that “em­powers the com­munity it’s in.”

“These mar­kets and CSAs cre­ate food ac­cess, classes, em­ploy­ment and events [to the neigh­bor­hood],” he said in a phone in­ter­view Fri­day.

Cus­tom­ers pay at the be­gin­ning of the sea­son for a box of loc­al pro­duce every week, from May to Oc­to­ber.

For a half share of pro­duce, the price is $325; for a full share, it’s $600, and for a fruit-only share, it’s $220.

The CSA pickup on Fri­days, be­gin­ning Fri­day, May 24, is at Caf&ea­cute; Chiamosa, 900 N.  4th St., and the farm­er’s mar­ket will be at Liberty Lands, on the 3rd Street side, be­gin­ning on May 30.

The CSA food is a mix from Neigh­bor­hood Foods’ West Philly farm, its South Philly farm, and a 45-acre farm in Lan­caster. For all the op­tions of food, vis­it neigh­bor­hood­

Cus­tom­ers can use EBT cards for pur­chas­ing, as well as FM­NP vouch­ers — avail­able in Ju­ly, they are vouch­ers for seni­ors and low-in­come fam­il­ies — and if a cus­tom­er uses an EBT card, for every $5 they spend, they get back $2.

“By us­ing an EBT card, you’re really sav­ing 40 per­cent,” Baird said.  “The pur­pose [of the CSA] is to en­gage a mix of people across all dif­fer­ent types of in­come.”

The great thing about Liberty Lands, Baird con­tin­ued, is that it was a re­pur­posed va­cant lot.

“That’s out pride and joy farm,” Baird said of Neigh­bor­hood Foods’ own pro­duce hub. “It used to be just an aw­ful va­cant lot, now it’s this beau­ti­ful farm.”

“This is why we need to be tak­ing va­cant lots and turn­ing them in­to gar­dens,” Baird con­tin­ued.

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