Students honored for winning Catholic Daughters contest

And the win­ners are: Mary­ann Voystock, a re­gent for Cath­ol­ic Daugh­ters of Amer­ica, Court Mys­tic­al Rose No. 2628, poses with the win­ners of an edu­ca­tion con­test sponsored by the group. Front row (from left): Jenna Marches­ano, Carla Oving­ton, DeAnna Tustin,

Thir­teen St. Kath­er­ine of Si­ena eighth-grade stu­dents were honored last week as win­ners of the Cath­ol­ic Daugh­ters of the Amer­icas, Court Mys­tic­al Rose No. 2628 Edu­ca­tion Con­test.

The themes of the con­test were My Life is a Re­flec­tion of Good and Je­sus is Re­flec­ted in Me.

Stu­dents were en­cour­aged to ex­press their cre­ativ­ity in art, com­puter art, es­say, po­etry and pho­to­graphy. There were 78 entries.

The win­ners and their places were:

• Art: 1. DeAnna Tustin; 2. Cianna Rodrig­uez; 3. Madis­on Joynes.

• Com­puter art: 1. Ash­ley O’Driscoll.

• Es­say: 1. Chris­toph­er Pa­lantino; 2. Carla Oving­ton; 3. Brett Ehr­mann.

• Pho­to­graphy: 1. Jen­nifer Dav­is; 2. Col­lin Fa­hey; 3. Vic­tor­ia Costa.

• Po­etry: 1. Gio­vanna Gi­an­netta; 2. Ju­lie Tan; 3. Jenna Marches­ano.

The Cath­ol­ic Daugh­ters hos­ted a re­cep­tion for the stu­dents and their par­ents on April 24 in the church hall.

The Rev. Paul Kennedy, the church pas­tor, was in at­tend­ance, along with the Rev. Bill Mo­n­ahan, a pa­ro­chi­al vicar.

The win­ning works were on dis­play. The kids re­ceived a cash award, a cer­ti­fic­ate and a wood cru­ci­fix.

The Cath­ol­ic Daugh­ters was foun­ded in 1903. Its motto is “Unity and Char­ity.”

The St. Kath­er­ine chapter formed in Septem­ber 2009. Mem­bers raise money by selling cin­na­mon buns after Sunday Mass.

The ladies wel­come new pa­rish­ion­ers; pray the ros­ary with res­id­ents of the Har­bor View per­son­al care fa­cil­ity and River’s Edge nurs­ing home and re­hab­il­it­a­tion cen­ter; donate to the food pantry at In­carn­a­tion of Our Lord in Ol­ney; cook meals for Aid For Friends; and sup­port Kens­ing­ton’s St. Fran­cis Inn, which gives meals and cloth­ing to the poor and home­less. ••

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