Lawncrest man charged with animal cruelty

A 36-year-old Lawn­crest man was changed May 11 with 15 counts of an­im­al cruelty, ac­cord­ing to the Pennsylvania SPCA. 

The SPCA’s Hu­mane Law En­force­ments of­ficers res­cued five dogs and ar­res­ted Ant­oine Tal­ley in con­junc­tion with a sus­pec­ted dog- fight­ing op­er­a­tion on the 300 block of Van Kirk Street.

Ac­cord­ing to the SPCA, after ob­tain­ing a search war­rant, of­ficers dis­covered the an­im­als — four male and one fe­male pit­bull-type dogs — liv­ing in un­san­it­ary con­di­tions. Three dogs, in­clud­ing one ema­ci­ated male dog, were liv­ing in filthy con­di­tions in the back yard.  After search­ing the house, of­ficers dis­covered one dog run­ning loose and an­oth­er in a crate in the base­ment. All of the dogs had scar­ring and old in­jur­ies con­sist­ent with dog fight­ing.

Tal­ley is the own­er of the dogs, the SPCA stated. He is fa­cing a felony an­im­al fight­ing charge. In 2000, Tal­ley was charged with at­tend­ing a dog fight, a felony of­fense, ac­cord­ing to the SPCA.

The SPCA said its of­ficers also re­covered a sus­pec­ted fight­ing ring and oth­er paraphernalia as­so­ci­ated with dog fight­ing, in­clud­ing med­ic­al and sur­gic­al equip­ment, train­ing equip­ment, DVDs and books and re­cords.

All of the dogs are cur­rently be­ing held in pro­tect­ive cus­tody at the Pennsylvania SPCA where they are re­ceiv­ing med­ic­al care.  ••

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