Comedy Night fundraiser slated for Saturday

St. Timothy Church will host a Lift Up Our Sis­ters com­edy night on Sat­urday, May 4, to fund an el­ev­at­or-re­pair pro­ject for the Sis­ters of St. Joseph, who live in the par­ish con­vent. Mike Dougherty Pro­duc­tions has lined up Chris Rich as the head­line act. She’s ap­peared on Com­edy Cent­ral and The View, toured na­tion­ally, won the Bud­weiser Ladies of Laughter con­test and opened for Jerry Sein­feld, Roseanne, Sher­man Hems­ley and Gil­bert Gottfried.

Also ap­pear­ing in the show will be May­fair’s Ed Mc­Mo­nigal, who has been fea­tured on the Kidd Chris and Opie and An­thony ra­dio shows. The em­cee will be Theresa Krallinger. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tick­ets cost $30 and in­clude food, beer and the show. They are avail­able at the rect­ory, at 3001 Levick St., or by call­ing 215-331-3386, 215-728-7315 or 215-915-0352. ••

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