Philly public schools to lay off 3,800 staffers

The layoffs will take place on July 1.

The School Dis­trict of Phil­adelphia, fa­cing a more than $300 mil­lion de­fi­cit, threatened to lay off em­ploy­ees, and today, it did.

            Al­most 3,800 school dis­trict em­ploy­ees will lose their jobs on Ju­ly 1, Schools Su­per­in­tend­ent Wil­li­am Hite an­nounced the lay­offs dur­ing a 4:30 p.m. news con­fer­ence. The fig­ure rep­res­ents al­most 20 per­cent of the school dis­trict’s staff.

Sec­ret­ar­ies, coun­selors, teach­ers, sup­port staff and as­sist­ant prin­cipals will be pink-slipped, dis­trict spokes­man Fernando Gal­lard said earli­er this af­ter­noon. All but three as­sist­ant prin­cipals – 127 — will be let go, he said.

            One of those who will lose his job is Rob Caroselli, an as­sist­ant prin­cip­al at North­east High School. This af­ter­noon, he said he and four oth­er North­east High as­sist­ant prin­cipals heard they would be laid off.

He said the high school’s sup­port staff, sec­ret­ar­ies and coun­selors would be idled, too.  He said a total of 43 will lose their jobs at North­east, which has more than 3,000 stu­dents en­rolled.

            North­east’s prin­cip­al, Linda Car­roll, joined Hite and oth­er school prin­cipals at the news con­fer­ence to praise the staffers she is los­ing. North­east’s guid­ance coun­selors, she said, have helped the school’s stu­dents get in­to many col­leges and uni­versit­ies and have also helped them get schol­ar­ships.

            Oth­er prin­cipals com­plained that they won’t even have staffers to an­swer their schools’ phones.

            The lay­offs fol­low the School Re­form Com­mis­sion’s ad­op­tions of a so-called Doomes­day Budget last week. That budget will be amended if there is an in­fu­sion of cash from the state and the city as well as give­backs from the Phil­adelphia Fed­er­al of Teach­ers. ••


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