A warm and fuzzy feeling

Baldi pu­pils with big hearts make blankets for kids who live in shel­ters.

Sixth-grade stu­dents at C.C.A. Baldi Middle School last week donated blankets they made to kids who live in home­less shel­ters.

Those chil­dren might move from place to place and not have any­thing to call their own, said pu­pil Mar­iya Sulima. “The blankets are something that will al­ways be theirs,” she said.

About 90 Baldi pu­pils in three math classes put some real ef­fort in­to the dona­tions, said Mary Sala­mone, one of their teach­ers. They raised money to buy soft fab­ric, which they meas­ured and cut to make blankets of vary­ing sizes. The “Baldi Blankets” were giv­en to the Sal­va­tion Army’s Eliza Shir­ley House, a tem­por­ary shel­ter in West Phil­adelphia, Sala­mone said.

Did you spot the math theme to the pu­pils’ com­munity ser­vice pro­ject?

To get the money needed for the fab­ric, the stu­dents sold lol­li­pops, chains and beads, said pu­pil Alv­in Fen­nell. Sala­mone said teach­ers donated the lol­li­pops, and some of the kids brought in the oth­er items they sold.

Teach­er Kim Croes said the pu­pils raised $200 to buy soft, fleecy fab­ric.

“We got rulers” to meas­ure the fab­ric, said pu­pil Shawn Poore.

The blankets they made wer­en’t all the same size, said pu­pils Bri­an Ser­jani and Philip Brosof. Some were 3 feet by 3 feet, some were smal­ler. The largest was a col­or­ful 3 feet by 4 feet.

Pu­pil Al­lie Riggs said the soft fab­ric was easy to cut, and Olivia Sal­vatore said their ef­forts yiel­ded 13 blankets. The Baldi pu­pils didn’t put only blankets in the gift bags; they put in books, too, said Priscilla Koshy.

They did it all in three weeks, Alv­in said.

Be­sides teach­er Kim Croes and Mary Sala­mone, the Baldi blanket-makers were helped by As­sist­ant Prin­cip­al Ren­ee Fle­hinger, As­sist­ant Prin­cip­al Crys­tal Gary-Nel­son and Prin­cip­al Eu­gene McLaugh­lin. ••

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