NE man convicted on child prostitution charges

Enoch Smith

A fed­er­al jury con­victed a North­east pimp on child pros­ti­tu­tion charges on Fri­day, just days after a Bucks County court sen­tenced him to up to 80 years in state pris­on for drug­ging and rap­ing adult hook­ers.

Enoch Smith, 36, also was con­victed fed­er­ally of pro­du­cing child porn, which he used to mar­ket a 17-year-old sex slave in the adult ser­vices sec­tion of a pop­u­lar on­line clas­si­fieds site. The U.S. At­tor­ney’s Of­fice did not re­lease Smith’s ad­dress of re­cord, but iden­ti­fied him as a Lower May­fair res­id­ent.

Sev­er­al ad­mit­ted hook­ers test­i­fied dur­ing Smith’s two-day tri­al in Phil­adelphia’s U.S. Dis­trict Court, in­clud­ing an un­der­age vic­tim iden­ti­fied pub­licly by the pro­sec­utor as “Minor 1.” Now 20, she was among many needy young ladies who Smith en­ticed in­to the sex-for-cash busi­ness between April 1, 2009, and June 30, 2011, the pro­sec­utor said.

Some of the ladies were drug ad­dicts be­fore they met Smith, oth­ers be­came drug ad­dicts thanks to him, ac­cord­ing to their testi­mony. Smith routinely sup­plied them with heroin and crack and al­lowed sev­er­al to live in his home, where they turned tricks and gave Smith all the pro­ceeds. Smith had sex with some of the hook­ers, too.

Smith took nude and semi-nude pho­tos of the young ladies, in­clud­ing the 17-year-old, and pos­ted them on Back­, the pro­sec­utor said. He equipped each of them with a mo­bile phone and pos­ted their phone num­bers on the Web site.

Phil­adelphia po­lice spot­ted the on­line ads and raided Smith’s house as part of an un­der­cov­er sting op­er­a­tion in June 2011. They found sexu­ally ex­pli­cit im­ages of the 17-year-old on Smith’s com­puter.

Smith, who is also known by the ali­ases “Drees” and “Id­ris,” faces a man­dat­ory min­im­um sen­tence of 15 years in pris­on and a max­im­um of 30 years for sex traf­fick­ing a minor, as well as a min­im­um 10 years and pos­sible life for pro­du­cing child porn. His sen­ten­cing is sched­uled for Oct. 31.

Smith is already serving at least 40 years and up to 80 in state pris­on for 14 crimes, in­clud­ing rape, pro­mot­ing pros­ti­tu­tion and drug de­liv­ery. A Bucks County judge sen­tenced Smith on Ju­ly 22, ac­cord­ing to pub­lished re­ports.

Dur­ing his April tri­al in that case, vic­tims test­i­fied that Smith ran the op­er­a­tion out of mo­tels in Ben­s­alem and Phil­adelphia, and that they de­pended on him to feed their drug ad­dic­tions. One of the vic­tims re­portedly test­i­fied that Smith raped her after she told him she didn’t want to con­tin­ue selling her body. She was 19 at the time. ••

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