Paul’s Run fetes oldest residents

Paul’s Run on Bustleton Av­en­ue re­cently honored its most seni­or seni­ors with a lunch­eon and cer­ti­fic­ates presen­ted by state Rep. Ed Neilson (D-169th dist.). It was the fifth time the re­tire­ment com­munity had lauded its res­id­ents who are 100 years old, close to that age, or older.

“The first time we did this, it was for five people,” said Kat­rina Wise, vice pres­id­ent of seni­or ser­vices for Liberty Luther­an, which op­er­ates Paul’s Run.

On May 16, Neilson con­grat­u­lated more than 20 res­id­ents, ran­ging in age from 94 to 104. Nat­ive Phil­adelphi­an Bebe Miller, born Sept. 9, 1919, was the group’s young­est. Tony Schimmele, born Sept. 19, 1909, in Heiden­heim, Ger­many, was the old­est.

Also honored were: Ber­nice Eck­stein, 97; Lil­lian Gievitz, 98; Cath­er­ine Sneg­aroff, 98; Syd Eck­el­man, 98; Dorothy Glestine, 98; Dorothy Lawson, 98; Martha Camp­bell, 98; Eth­el Bailkin, 98; Jac­ob Snyder, 99; Vilma Dah­len, 99; Wil­li­am Kaliser, 99; Rose Smith, 99; Dav­id Rosen, 100; Al­fred Pick, 100; Dav­id Sil­ver­man, 100; Ruth Mas­ter, 100; Dolly Stein, 100; Helen Sladek, 101; De­lores Schmidt, 101; and Sarah Wey­land, 103. 

Schimmele’s wife, Eliza­beth, who passed away only re­cently, had turned 106 in Janu­ary. ••

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