City celebrates improvements at Chalfont Playground

Time to play: City Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill par­ti­cip­ated in the June 19 rib­bon cut­ting ce­re­mony at Chalf­ont Play­ground. Al­most $700,000 worth of im­prove­ments were made to the park, loc­ated at 4300 Deer­path Lane.

Al­most $700,000 in im­prove­ments to Chalf­ont Play­ground were cel­eb­rated in a June 19 rib­bon-cut­ting ce­re­mony.

Most of the funds for the ren­ov­ated play equip­ment and bas­ket­ball courts in the Mill­brook play­ground came from City Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill’s budget, ac­cord­ing to the De­part­ment of Parks & Re­cre­ation.

The cap­it­al pro­ject at 4300 Deer­path Lane was planned and de­signed by Phil­adelphia Parks & Re­cre­ation and the Phil­adelphia De­part­ment of Pub­lic Prop­erty. 

Work on the bas­ket­ball courts was the last part of the pro­ject to be com­pleted. The half-acre play­ground re­ceived new equip­ment, pav­ing, land­scap­ing and a new spray area.

“They did a phe­nom­en­al job on the bas­ket­ball court,” O’Neill said on June 20.

The spray area is ac­tiv­ated by a push but­ton, which pre­serves wa­ter when the unit is not in use. State-of-the-art play equip­ment was in­stalled, in­clud­ing a sep­ar­ate swing set and play struc­tures for ju­ni­ors and tod­dlers. 

New fur­nish­ings in­clude benches and tables with han­di­cap-ac­cess­ible units as well as ADA-ac­cess­ible en­trances in­to the play­ground. 

For safety, a fence was in­stalled around the play area, six ped­es­tri­an lights were in­stalled and, for ad­ded se­cur­ity, 10 video cam­er­as with eight son­ic devices were ad­ded. The bas­ket­ball courts were re­placed with new pav­ing and stand­ards, and new fen­cing was ad­ded.

Much of the money for play­ground im­prove­ments come through coun­cil mem­bers’ cap­it­al budgets, O’Neill said. He said work on im­prove­ments to Chalf­ont and oth­er North­east play­grounds like Boyle and Jun­od takes a few years to ar­range. ••

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