Bustleton civic scores zoning win

Mem­bers of the Great­er Bustleton Civic League were glad to hear the Zon­ing Board of Ad­just­ment has agreed with the league’s op­pos­i­tion to leg­al­iz­ing a deck on the 9900 block of Alicia St. Not only did the zon­ing board re­ject the vari­ance, it also ordered the homeown­er to tear down the deck.

On June 26, dur­ing the league’s last ses­sion be­fore the group breaks for Ju­ly and Au­gust, Pres­id­ent Jack O’Hara an­nounced the city’s zon­ing pan­el had re­jec­ted Nat­a­lya Bul­gakov’s vari­ance re­quest to leg­al­ize a deck on her home. Bul­gakov needed a use vari­ance to build the deck in her side and rear yards.

Dur­ing the league’s May meet­ing, she told mem­bers she didn’t know she needed zon­ing ap­prov­al for the deck. She said her fath­er paid for the ma­ter­i­als and had done the work.

Ac­cord­ing to the league’s minutes, pho­tos of the prop­erty show the con­struc­tion was of a deck, roof and stairs. Dur­ing the league’s May ses­sion, many neigh­bors com­plained about the prop­erty, call­ing it a blight to the neigh­bor­hood. Mem­bers voted to re­com­mend that the zon­ing board re­ject the ap­plic­a­tion

The civic as­so­ci­ation’s re­com­mend­a­tion has not al­ways been fol­lowed by the zon­ing board. In the last year, the board OK’d a small man­u­fac­tur­ing busi­ness for a house on a res­id­en­tial block of Hal­de­man Av­en­ue and ap­proved an auto busi­ness on Bustleton Av­en­ue, des­pite over­whelm­ing op­pos­i­tion from the league’s mem­bers and neigh­bors.

In oth­er busi­ness June 26:

• Mem­bers ap­plauded news that Wawa would be open­ing its new­est North­east store at Grant Av­en­ue and Krewstown Road on June 28. 

• Re­port­ing neigh­bor­hood prob­lems to the city’s 311 sys­tem has proved suc­cess­ful, O’Hara said. He said the city quickly took care of graf­fiti at Welsh Road and Al­bur­ger Av­en­ue, and fined people who were con­duct­ing il­leg­al street sales on Hal­de­man Av­en­ue.

• Dana Per­ella of the Phil­adelphia De­part­ment of Pub­lic Health told mem­bers about the dangers and symp­toms of Lyme Dis­ease and West Nile Vir­us. She stressed how res­id­ents can pre­vent in­fec­tions by us­ing in­sect re­pel­lents, and mos­quito-proof­ing and tick-proof­ing their homes. Res­id­ents can call the city’s mos­quito hot line, 215-685-9027, to re­port prob­lems. 

The league’s next mem­ber­ship meet­ing will be at 7 p.m. on Sept. 25, at the Amer­ic­an Her­it­age Fed­er­al Cred­it Uni­on’s Car­riage House, Red Li­on Road and Jam­is­on Av­en­ue.

The league’s hot line is 215-676-6890; its web­site is www.gb­c­league.com ••

You can reach at jloftus@bsmphilly.com.

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