Neighborhood news in brief for the week of July 10

Com­munity lead­ers in­vited to Las Ve­gas to tour a Wynn casino sim­il­ar to the one pro­posed for the River Wards; Port Rich­mond res­id­ents vote un­an­im­ously against a halfway house; Hinge Cafe tem­por­ar­ily closed, and more news in brief.

Port Rich­mond says no to po­ten­tial halfway house

Port Rich­mond res­id­ents voted 89-0 against a rezon­ing that would be­ne­fit a de­veloper of halfway homes that is cur­rently in talks to move its op­er­a­tion to Port Rich­mond, ac­cord­ing to Theresa Cos­tello of the Port Rich­mond Com­munity Group.

Res­id­ents at the PRCG meet­ing on Thursday, June 25, dis­cussed the Kin­tock Group’s plans to move its cor­por­ate headquar­ters from King of Prus­sia to 2121 Wheat­sheaf Lane in Port Rich­mond, a se­cluded of­fice area be­hind the Lowes and Tar­get stores on Ara­mingo Av­en­ue. 

The Kin­tock Group de­vel­ops res­id­en­tial re-entry fa­cil­it­ies for pris­on­ers on su­per­vised re­lease.

Kin­tock said it does not cur­rently plan to build a halfway house at the Wheat­sheaf Lane loc­a­tion, but could do so in the fu­ture, if a con­tract for such a fa­cil­ity was offered. 

City Coun­cil­man Mark Squilla (D-1st dist.) is spon­sor­ing a spot-zon­ing bill in City Coun­cil, #130387, which would rezone this par­cel to in­dus­tri­al uses, po­ten­tially to per­mit the con­struc­tion of a re-entry fa­cil­ity.

Squilla’s pre­de­cessor, former City Coun­cil­man Frank Di­Cicco, pre­vi­ously sponsored a bill that rezoned the area from in­dus­tri­al to com­mer­cial to at­tract a com­mer­cial buy­er. Squilla’s bill could re­turn the area to its ori­gin­al zon­ing.

Cos­tello said neigh­bors op­posed the bill due to con­cerns that a Kin­tock Group halfway home would bring crim­in­als and drug ad­dicts on pa­role to the neigh­bor­hood. ••

Hinge Caf&ea­cute; clos­ing tem­por­ar­ily, re­gain­ing former man­age­ment

Hinge Caf&ea­cute;, 2652 E. Somer­set St., closed tem­por­ar­ily on Sunday, Ju­ly 7, for a change in man­age­ment and for renov­a­tions. 

Hinge’s ori­gin­al founder, who goes only by Si­mone, con­firmed by phone Monday that the caf&ea­cute; will only be closed for a few weeks.

Si­mone said that when the cafe re­opens, it will be called Com­fort at the Hinge Cafe. 

Si­mone said she left the caf&ea­cute; two years ago, and will re­turn with her team to run it this month. T De­Luca, who has been run­ning the res­taur­ant for the past two years, left the caf&ea­cute; on Ju­ly 7. 

In a mes­sage on the caf&ea­cute;’s web­site, it read: “T would like to ex­tend a very spe­cial thank you to every cus­tom­er who has sup­por­ted the Caf&ea­cute;, not only since the be­gin­ning, but es­pe­cially over the past two years.”

Si­mone said she and her team, in­clud­ing chef Stan­ley Pliszka, will move back in­to the space Ju­ly 18, and will re­main closed for renov­a­tions for an es­tim­ated two to four weeks. 

The Hinge has launched a new Face­book page this week, face­­fort­at­thehinge­cafe, where pat­rons can check for up­dates. 

Si­mone also said that when the caf&ea­cute; re­opens, most of the prices on the menu would go down. The caf&ea­cute; will also hon­or any gift cer­ti­fic­ates pur­chased with­in the last year. 

In a Monday email, Si­mone wrote: “We would like to thank T and her team for their time and ded­ic­a­tion dur­ing the past two years and wish them great luck in their new en­deavors.”  ••

Wynn in­vites loc­als to Ve­gas, hosts event, wins voter ap­prov­al in Mass.

Ed note: this item has been up­dated from the ori­gin­al post­ing. 

De­veloper Steve Wynn, whose pro­posed casino in Fishtown is cur­rently com­pet­ing with five oth­er pro­pos­als for a state casino li­cense, is ar­ran­ging fa­mil­i­ar­iz­a­tion tours for com­munity lead­ers to see first-hand the be­hind the scenes op­er­a­tions of Wynn’s re­sort prop­er­ties in Las Ve­gas. FAM tours, Wynn’s com­mu­nic­a­tions team said, are “com­pli­ment­ary or re­duced-rate edu­ca­tion pro­grams de­signed to ac­quaint in­di­vidu­als or groups with de­tailed in­form­a­tion and ex­per­i­ences to help them make more in­formed de­cisions.” 

Ken Paul, pres­id­ent of Port Rich­mond on Patrol and Civic; A.J. Thom­son, pres­id­ent of Friends of Penn Treaty Park and Fishtown res­id­ent, and Tim O’Bri­en, former city bail com­mis­sion­er and Port Rich­mond res­id­ent, have been iden­ti­fied among oth­er com­munity lead­ers for a po­ten­tial trip in the com­ing months. Due to schedul­ing is­sues, no trips have been booked yet. 

Ac­cord­ing to a trip it­in­er­ary provided by Wynn Re­sorts, in­vit­ees will stay in Wynn hotel suites and en­joy com­pli­ment­ary meals with Wynn ex­ec­ut­ives; at­tend a back-of-the-house walk­ing tour of op­er­a­tions and ser­vice; at­tend meet-and-greet cock­tail re­cep­tions with Wynn staff mem­bers, and have free time to en­joy er­form­ances and night­life ex­per­i­ences, plus les­sons in gam­ing, sushi mak­ing or mix­o­logy.

Wynn Phil­adelphia is also co-host­ing, along with PRO­PAC, a “Pic­nic in the Park” event on Tues­day, Ju­ly 16, from 6 to 9 p.m., at Camp­bell Square Park. This free event will show­case live mu­sic from the Pol­ish Amer­ic­an String Band and The Ex­cep­tions, with food and bever­ages from loc­al vendors.

Mean­while, Wynn re­cently won voter ap­prov­al for a sep­ar­ate yet sim­il­ar pro­pos­al in Ever­ett, Mass., The Bo­ston Globe re­por­ted.

Res­id­ents of Ever­ett re­portedly voted 87 per­cent in fa­vor of grant­ing Wynn the li­cense to de­vel­op his casino just north of Bo­ston. Wynn’s pro­pos­al can now be con­sidered by the state gam­ing com­mis­sion, which is also con­sid­er­ing two oth­er casino pro­pos­als for a single avail­able li­cense, much like the situ­ation in Phil­adelphia.

Wynn Re­sorts De­vel­op­ment chief op­er­at­ing of­ficer Gamal Aziz re­leased a state­ment in­dic­at­ing that any pro­gress on the casino in Ever­ett will not dis­rupt plans for the pro­posed Wynn Phil­adelphia casino and hotel.

“We be­lieve the wide-spread sup­port we ex­per­i­enced in Ever­ett fur­ther val­id­ates the strength of our com­pany’s abil­ity to de­vel­op unique re­sorts in urb­an loc­a­tions – in­clud­ing Phil­adelphia,” Aziz said in the state­ment. “It is our hope that Wynn Phil­adelphia will be the first showpiece in our Urb­an Wynn story.”

The Pennsylvania State Gam­ing Con­trol Board is ex­pec­ted to de­cide which of sev­en po­ten­tial de­velopers will be gran­ted a casino li­cense for the Phil­adelphia area in late 2013. ••

After 20 years, Freddy Adams Tour­na­ment ends

A sports tour­na­ment that has for two dec­ades honored a Fishtown ath­lete who died tra­gic­ally at the age of 16 will not re­turn this sum­mer, or­gan­izers said.

The Freddy Adams Tour­na­ment, a three-day sports tour­na­ment held an­nu­ally in Au­gust that provided schol­ar­ships to loc­al stu­dents, will not re­turn this year, said tour­na­ment pres­id­ent Sara Colville last week in a mes­sage to the com­munity.

“It is with mixed emo­tions both sad and joy­ous that I an­nounce it is our time to al­low the memory of my neph­ew Freddy Adams be­come just that — part of the memor­ies of Fishtown,” Colville wrote. “We reached our 20th year an­niversary tour­na­ment last year and have de­cided that it will be the last one.”

A pop­u­lar com­munity event, the Freddy Adams Tour­na­ment raised money for schol­ar­ships for eighth-grade stu­dents to at­tend a Cath­ol­ic or private high school in the city. 

The tour­na­ment was first held in Au­gust 1993, five months after Freddy Adams sus­tained massive head in­jur­ies in a play­ground fight with oth­er teens and later died. 

Adams was a ju­ni­or at North­east Cath­ol­ic High School and be­loved Fishtown res­id­ent who played soc­cer and base­ball and coached hockey at the Fishtown Re­cre­ation Cen­ter. He is also me­mori­al­ized in a mur­al on the Fishtown Re­cre­ation Cen­ter’s wall. •• 

Walk­ing Fish to head west

Fishtown’s B. Someday Pro­duc­tions, which calls the Walk­ing Fish Theatre home, is call­ing for dona­tions to­ward its cul­tur­al ex­change pro­gram in New Mex­ico later this month.

Ac­cord­ing to a press re­lease, from Ju­ly 22 through Ju­ly 26, B. Someday Pro­duc­tions’ artist­ic dir­ect­or, Michelle Pauls, will bring a theatre camp to Navajo teens liv­ing on the Navajo Na­tion Re­ser­va­tion in the area served by the Thor­eau Com­munity Cen­ter, Thor­eau, New Mex­ico. 

The camp will serve grades eight through twelve. Pauls said she will travel with her daugh­ter, Astrid. The pro­gram ex­penses are about $2,700. 

Ori­gin­ally, Pauls star­ted a Kick­starter cam­paign to raise $5,000 for the trip, which was ori­gin­ally go­ing to be two weeks long. Her ori­gin­al part­ner had to back out, so ex­penses were lowered and the trip was shortened. 

As per Kick­starter’s guidelines, Since Pauls only raised $1,971 of its Kick­starter goal by the dead­line, she will see none of that money to­ward the trip. She is in­stead ask­ing the back­ers who have already con­trib­uted to in­stead pay their dona­tion via The Walk­ing Fish web­site, walk­ing­ Check the site for more in­form­a­tion about the trip.

You can also mail a check for any amount, pay­able to B. Someday Pro­duc­tions, and put ‘Navajo Sum­mer Camp’ in the sub­ject line. The mail­ing ad­dress is: B. Someday Pro­duc­tions, Walk­ing Fish Theatre, 2509 Frank­ford Av­en­ue, Phil­adelphia PA, 19125. ••

Port Rich­mond wo­man dies after struggle with can­cer

Linda Belz, who be­came a fo­cus of com­munity sup­port after her struggle with ovari­an can­cer was made pub­lic, passed away on Fri­day, June 21 at the age of 30.

The com­munity came to­geth­er to sup­port Belz after her dy­ing wish to pay for her own fu­ner­al was made pub­lic in the Phil­adelphia Daily News.

Stu­dents at Penn Treaty Middle School or­gan­ized a fun­draiser; Kid­die Garden Day­care in Fishtown held a bake sale; the S&C Sweet Fact­ory in Port Rich­mond sold spe­cial “Lol­lies 4 Linda,” and com­munity mem­bers held the “Lace Up for Linda” sports tour­na­ment in May, all to sup­port Belz.

Belz’ fam­ily and friends es­tim­ated that $9,000 would be needed to cov­er fu­ner­al ex­penses. In the end, neigh­bors and loc­al busi­nesses came to­geth­er to donate a total of $14,000 to Belz and her fam­ily. ••

Buy Phil­lies tick­ets, sup­port PAL

Buy tick­ets to any of the fol­low­ing Phil­lies games for $26 and help sup­port the Po­lice Ath­let­ic League (PAL) and the youth of Phil­adelphia: Tues­day, Au­gust 6, Phil­lies vs. Cubs, 7:05 p.m.; Tues­day, Au­gust 20, Phil­lies vs. Rock­ies, 7:05 p.m.; Tues­day, Sept. 3, Phil­lies vs. Na­tion­als, 7:05 p.m.; Wed­nes­day, Sept. 4, Phil­lies vs. Na­tion­als, 7:05 p.m.; Wed­nes­day, Septem­ber 11, Phil­lies vs. Padres, 7:05 p.m. For more in­form­a­tion, vis­it PAL’s web­site, www.phillyp­ To learn more or buy tick­et, please call Sandy Har­ris at 215-291-9000, ext. 105. ull;•

—Com­piled by Mi­kala Jam­is­on and Sam Ne­w­house

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