Bustleton home infested with dead cats, rats, fleas

PSPCA work­ers were back in Bustleton on Monday to search for cats be­lieved to be  hid­ing in a de­crep­it, ver­min-in­fes­ted home.

Late Sunday, a 74-year-old man was found col­lapsed in the house on the 9100 block of Bickley St., said PSPCA spokes­wo­man Wendy Marano. Also found in the filthy home were four dead cats and three live ones, she said. More an­im­als were thought to be hid­ing in the house’s walls and ceil­ing, she said.

Marano did not name the man, nor would po­lice or fire of­fi­cials.

Marano said the man called re­l­at­ives for help on Sunday but when they couldn’t get in­to the home, they called po­lice and the Fire De­part­ment. Fire­fight­ers and res­cue work­ers got in­to the house and found the man, who was taken to Naz­areth Hos­pit­al, Marano said.

While in the house, fire­fight­ers saw its con­di­tion and the pres­ence of live and dead cats, and called the PSPCA, Marano said.

The single home’s roof is fall­ing in, she said, adding that many of the walls and ceil­ings were fall­ing apart. An­im­als that might have been frightened by the pres­ence of strangers might be hid­ing out of sight, she said, so PSPCA staffers went back on Monday to try to trap them.

The house was piled high with re­fuse and an­im­al drop­pings, she said. It was in­fes­ted with rats, mice and fleas, Marano said.

PSPCA work­ers spot­ted sev­er­al cats on Monday af­ter­noon but were able to res­cue just one, she said Tues­day. Work­ers set sev­er­al hu­mane traps and are go­ing to check on them over the next sev­er­al days.

“This is go­ing to be a pro­cess,” she said, “rather than a quickly re­solved ac­tion.”

The spokes­wo­man said she doesn’t be­lieve the PSPCA had been called to the Bickley Street ad­dress be­fore Sunday. ••

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