Far Northeast bust turns up cash, heroin

Phil­adelphia nar­cot­ics of­ficers seized more than $60,000 cash, a kilo­gram of heroin and two guns dur­ing a Jan. 4 raid on the home of an al­leged drug traf­fick­er in the Far North­east’s Chalf­ont sec­tion.

Po­lice launched an in­vest­ig­a­tion of Efre Car­dona, 42, of the 10800 block of Per­rin Road, in Septem­ber. On Jan. 4, they stopped him in the street at Grant Av­en­ue and Academy Road and al­legedly found $5,000 cash in his pos­ses­sion.

When of­ficers went to Car­dona’s home, they al­legedly found an­oth­er $56,000 cash in­side a bed­room of his home, as well as a 9mm Uzi hand­gun loaded with nine live rounds and a 9mm Glock hand­gun loaded with 15 live rounds.

The Glock pre­vi­ously had been re­por­ted stolen and had been sought in con­nec­tion with an un­re­lated hom­icide case.

In the base­ment of Car­dona’s home, in­vest­ig­at­ors al­legedly found 139 grams of heroin in bulk quant­it­ies, scales, drug pack­aging and money-count­ing ma­chines. Of­ficers also con­fis­cated Car­dona’s 2011 Chevy Ca­maro and 2005 Mer­cedes-Benz.

At the time of his ar­rest, Car­dona was on fed­er­al pa­role in con­nec­tion with a pri­or nar­cot­ics con­vic­tion. He was charged with drug pos­ses­sion, pos­ses­sion with in­tent to de­liv­er, pos­sess­ing drug paraphernalia, vi­ol­at­ing the Uni­form Fire­arms Act, theft and re­lated of­fenses.

He is sched­uled for a Jan. 22 pre­lim­in­ary hear­ing in Phil­adelphia’s Mu­ni­cip­al Court and is ex­pec­ted to face a pa­role vi­ol­a­tion pro­ceed­ing in U.S. Dis­trict Court. He is jailed at the Cur­ran-From­hold Cor­rec­tion­al Fa­cil­ity in lieu of $2.5 mil­lion bail. ••

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