Boyle Scholarship Fund awards another $40,000 in tuition grants

Of­ficer Daniel Boyle’s leg­acy grew last month as a schol­ar­ship pro­gram cre­ated in his memory ex­ten­ded be­ne­fits to stu­dents in two ad­di­tion­al schools for the cur­rent aca­dem­ic year.

Patrick Boyle, the fath­er of the slain Phil­adelphia po­lice of­ficer and the pres­id­ent of the Daniel Boyle Schol­ar­ship Fund, awar­ded a com­bined $40,000 to four of the city’s pa­ro­chi­al schools in sup­port of stu­dents in need. Danny Boyle’s alma ma­ter, North­east-based Arch­bish­op Ry­an High School, re­ceived the largest sum, $27,000, while his fath­er’s grade school, St. Veron­ica’s at Sixth and Tioga in North Philly, re­ceived $5,000.

And for the first time ever, the Boyle fund awar­ded grants to St. Chris­toph­er’s Par­ish School in Somer­ton and St. Gab­ri­el’s Par­ish School at 29th and Dickin­son in South Philly.

Ac­cord­ing to Patrick Boyle, St. Chris­toph­er’s is the fam­ily’s home par­ish and re­ceived $7,000 in schol­ar­ship money. St. Gab­ri­el’s, mean­while, is the home par­ish of many of the fam­ily’s long­time friends and sup­port­ers, Patrick Boyle said. It re­ceived $1,000.

Un­der the terms of the schol­ar­ship fund’s mis­sion state­ment, the money will help off­set tu­ition costs for stu­dents in need at the four schools. In­di­vidu­al be­ne­fi­ciar­ies are se­lec­ted based on fin­an­cial need, re­gard­less of race, re­li­gion or na­tion­al ori­gin.

Since its 1991 found­ing, the schol­ar­ship fund has as­sisted al­most 600 stu­dents with more than $500,000 in tu­ition pay­ments. The fund is also help­ing four col­lege stu­dents with their ex­penses. They at­tend the Aria Health School of Nurs­ing, West Chester Uni­versity, Al­ver­nia Uni­versity and the Uni­versity of Pennsylvania.

“We’ve been [giv­ing out] between $30,000 and $40,000 each year,” said Patrick Boyle, a re­tired Phil­adelphia po­lice de­tect­ive.

His son Danny fol­lowed in his foot­steps to be­come a po­lice of­ficer in Feb­ru­ary 1990. One year later, on Feb. 4, 1991, the young­er Boyle was work­ing a mid­night to 8 a.m. patrol in North Philly. The of­ficer was alone and stopped a car that he sus­pec­ted had been stolen.

A pas­sen­ger emerged from the car with gun drawn and fired more than a dozen shots to­ward the of­ficer. One of the bul­lets struck Boyle in the right temple. The of­ficer died of his wounds two days later. He was 21.

That April, the Boyle fam­ily cre­ated the schol­ar­ship fund to me­mori­al­ize Danny. Its an­nu­al fun­draisers in­clude a well-at­ten­ded beef ‘n’ beer at Finnigan’s Wake. It’s sched­uled for Feb. 17 this year  from 3 to 7 p.m.

The fund also runs a May golf out­ing with an ad book and an an­nu­al raffle for a trip to Ire­land.

Its cor­por­ate sup­port­ers in­clude Waste Man­age­ment, Uni­ver­sal Health­care, Ve­r­i­zon and SKF In­dus­tries. Those firms use the state’s edu­ca­tion tax cred­it pro­gram to give money to the schol­ar­ship pro­gram while earn­ing cor­por­ate tax de­duc­tions.

Patrick Boyle hopes these part­ner­ships will per­severe for many years to come.

“I’ve been put­ting money aside every year in hope that after my time is up, to keep this go­ing for a long, long time and to keep Danny’s memory alive.” ••

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