Editorial: Give ’em hell, Barry

It was soar­ing rhet­or­ic, but can it fly in the real world — you know, the world where con­gres­sion­al Re­pub­lic­ans say no to everything?

Sup­port­ers and even some of his nu­mer­ous en­emies agree that the United States’ first biracial pres­id­ent gave a great speech at his second in­aug­ur­a­tion on Monday, but did Barack Obama make the very best of it? Not for people who want real gun con­trol.

While Mr. Obama said many of the right things, he de­clined to seize the mo­ment by ex­ploit­ing the most power­ful bully pul­pit in the free world to put gun con­trol at the top of the to-do list.

If he’s wait­ing un­til the State of the Uni­on ad­dress on Feb. 12 — the birth­day of his hero Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln — to form­ally re­new his call for gun con­trol, Mr. Obama is mak­ing a big mis­take.

Pun­dits agree that he has only about a year in which to get ma­jor le­gis­la­tion passed, so the guy needs to kick some butt. He should call out law­makers in Con­gress — Re­pub­lic­ans AND Demo­crats who are pet­ri­fied of the Na­tion­al Rifle As­so­ci­ation — and gun nuts who want no re­stric­tions on weapons.

Mr. Obama needs to spend his polit­ic­al cap­it­al, left over from a big re-elec­tion vic­tory, and ex­pend the in­test­in­al forti­tude ne­ces­sary to get mil­it­ary-style as­sault weapons out of the hands of the gen­er­al pub­lic, end the in­sane and in­si­di­ous loop­holes that al­low vis­it­ors at gun shows to pur­chase weapons on the spot and with no back­ground checks, and in­sti­tute a fed­er­al re­gistry of all weapons.

These com­mon-sense meas­ures and oth­ers, which would have been en­acted long ago were it not for a pleth­ora of cow­ards in Con­gress, will help to pre­vent an­oth­er New­town, Conn.-type of slaughter of in­no­cent life.

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