Honors for a vet

Ret. Army Lt. Col. Kathy Brill re­ceived an award of ex­cel­lence on Sunday from Jew­ish War Vet­er­ans South Phil­adelphia Post 98 dur­ing a break­fast meet­ing at Casino Deli. Brill was joined by (from left) Post 98 ju­ni­or vice com­mand­er Gil Be­ne­dict, county com­mand­er Bern­ard Lertz­man, Post 98 com­mand­er Don Feld­man and Post 98 trust­ee Mary Fer­rer. (Tom War­ing)

A loc­al vet­er­ans’ group has honored Ret. Army Lt. Col. Kathy Brill for her long and dis­tin­guished ca­reer.

Jew­ish War Vet­er­ans South Phil­adelphia Post 98 presen­ted Brill with an Award of Ex­cel­lence plaque dur­ing a Jan. 27 break­fast meet­ing at Casino Deli, at 2425 Welsh Road. She also re­ceived a vet­er­ans’ ser­vice flag pin.

Brill is an Illinois nat­ive who moved to Phil­adelphia to pur­sue a doc­tor­ate of edu­ca­tion at Temple Uni­versity.

In 1982, she was com­mis­sioned a second lieu­ten­ant in the Pennsylvania Army Na­tion­al Guard through Temple’s ROTC pro­gram. She spent 22 years in the Na­tion­al Guard and five years in the Army Re­serve.

Brill, who lives in Over­brook Park, re­tired in Novem­ber 2009 after 27½ years of ser­vice.

In the 1980s, she worked in re­cre­ation­al ther­apy at Hahne­mann Uni­versity Hos­pit­al and taught at Temple.

In 1990, she began work­ing at the Phil­adelphia VA Med­ic­al Cen­ter in West Phil­adelphia and re­mains there as chief of re­cre­ation­al ther­apy ser­vices.

Brill was de­ployed to Bos­nia in 1997 as part of Op­er­a­tion Joint En­deavor. War had just ended, and she worked as a mil­it­ary in­tel­li­gence of­ficer to help sta­bil­ize the na­tion.

In 2003-04, she was de­ployed to Afgh­anistan. Her mis­sion was to gath­er in­tel­li­gence through in­ter­rog­a­tion and main­tain mil­it­ary base se­cur­ity.

In 2006-07, she was de­ployed to Ir­aq. As a civil af­fairs of­ficer, she dir­ec­ted the Na­tion­al Ir­aqi As­sist­ance Cen­ter, which offered hu­man­it­ari­an as­sist­ance to ci­vil­ians and ar­ranged med­ic­al care for chil­dren.

“I feel we made a big dif­fer­ence, def­in­itely” she said of her units’ over­seas mis­sions. “We helped keep the peace. We re­duced ag­gress­ive activ­it­ies. And we offered a lot of hope to the people.”

Brill is a life mem­ber of Jew­ish War Vet­er­ans. Post 98 is her home post.

Brill’s plaque read that Post 98 “proudly re­cog­nizes you for ser­vice provided bey­ond the call of duty.” ••

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