Fishtown’s Eric Wilson heads to Hollywood

23-year-old Eric Wilson, of Fishtown, on right.

With hopes of be­com­ing a big-time tele­vi­sion pro­du­cer, Wilson’s on his way with a job on a Tin­seltown real­ity show.

Fishtown’s 23-year-old Eric Wilson will soon do big things for the small screen.

Wilson was re­cently offered a job as a pro­duc­tion as­sist­ant on a Los Angeles-based real­ity show that will be cre­ated by big-time pro­du­cer Troy Sear­er, who has pro­duced shows like “The Biggest Loser,” “Beauty and the Geek,” and “Ob­sessed.”

Wilson is a 2012 gradu­ate of Kutztown Uni­versity, where he ma­jored in com­mu­nic­a­tions and journ­al­ism.  One of his pro­fess­ors in­tro­duced him to Sear­er.

After gradu­at­ing with hon­ors and dis­tin­guish­ing him­self in the Sigma Al­pha Ep­si­lon fra­tern­ity as “Greek Lead­er of the Year,” Wilson worked as a broad­cast­ing in­tern for the pro­fes­sion­al in­door foot­ball team, the Read­ing Ex­press.

“Tele­vi­sion was my fa­vor­ite baby sit­ter when I was a kid, and with the ex­cep­tion of be­ing a teach­er, work­ing in tele­vi­sion is all I’ve ever wanted to do,” Wilson said, adding that he hopes to even­tu­ally work in tele­vi­sion dra­mas or sit­coms.

His ul­ti­mate goal, he ad­ded, is to work as a pro­du­cer like Sear­er.

No mat­ter where he goes, Wilson said, he will al­ways con­sider Fishtown home.

Wilson’s moth­er, Mar­gie Haines, who will be mak­ing the cross-coun­try road trip to L.A. with him at the end of the month, said she could not be any prouder of her son. 

“Eric has a tre­mend­ous amount of con­fid­ence, he al­ways has. He tells me all of the time, ‘I won’t fail Mom, be­cause fail­ure is not an op­tion,’” Haines said.

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