Three resignations at Busleton Civic

Three mem­bers of a five-per­son ex­ec­ut­ive board of the Great­er Bustleton Civic League — vice pres­id­ent Harry Haberkern, cor­res­pond­ing sec­ret­ary Maur­een Greene and treas­urer Bob Hall — re­cently resigned, said Jack O’Hara, the league’s pres­id­ent.

“There was trouble in para­dise,” Haberkern said in a phone in­ter­view Monday. “Board mem­bers didn’t get along,” he said, but then ad­ded he didn’t want to elab­or­ate. 

The resig­na­tions were on the league’s Web site on Monday morn­ing.

“We re­cently had Harry Haberkern, Bob Hall and Maur­een Greene resign their po­s­i­tions on the board, and for­tu­nately, had mem­bers who quickly offered their as­sist­ance to fill the open­ings,” the post­ing reads. “Joan Rhoades has re­turned to her past role as treas­urer; league at­tor­ney Joe Guerra is mov­ing up to the po­s­i­tion to vice pres­id­ent, with past re­cord­ing sec­ret­ary Steve Cus­ano be­ing nom­in­ated for the role of league at­tor­ney. Brendan Glackin is be­ing nom­in­ated for cor­res­pond­ing sec­ret­ary.”

O’Hara said the or­gan­iz­a­tion’s bylaws al­lowed him to fill va­can­cies with the ap­prov­al of the board. He said the board already ap­proved Rhoades’ ap­point­ment. She had served as treas­urer un­til she lost to Hall in last year’s league elec­tion. 

O’Hara said Monday that the board will con­sider his oth­er nom­in­a­tions this week, and that he hopes to in­tro­duce new board mem­bers dur­ing the league’s Feb. 27 meet­ing at the Amer­ic­an Her­it­age Fed­er­al Cred­it Uni­on’s Car­riage House on Red Li­on Road.

Hall, O’Hara, Greene and re­cord­ing sec­ret­ary Mar­lene Markow­itz all took of­fice last year after de­feat­ing the board in­cum­bents in an un­usu­al con­tested elec­tion. O’Hara had been vice pres­id­ent when he ran for the pres­id­ency in 2012. Haberken had no op­pos­i­tion in run­ning for the vice pres­id­ent’s spot, and took of­fice last year with oth­er mem­bers of the win­ning slate.

Asked why three board mem­bers resigned, O’Hara said, “You’ll have to ask them. This isn’t about in­di­vidu­als. It’s about the civic league … and how it serves neigh­bors.”

“No com­ment at this time,” Hall said Monday when asked about his resig­na­tion.

Rhoades, too, when con­tac­ted Monday, said she didn’t want to com­ment on her re­turn to the board. 

“I really want our ac­tions to speak for them­selves,” said Greene. “I don’t’ want to start a con­flag­ra­tion.”

Every­one who serves on the league’s board or on any of the or­gan­iz­a­tion’s com­mit­tees is a vo­lun­teer, O’Hara said, adding more vo­lun­teers are needed. 

Any­one in­ter­ested in vo­lun­teer­ing can call the league’s hot line at 215-676-6890 or send an e-mail to gb­cl19115@gb­c­ ••

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