Letters to the Editor (February 13, 2013)

North­wood Frank­ford Com­munity Y needs help

As you may have heard, our com­munity has re­gained pos­ses­sion of the Frank­ford Y! We’ve re­named it the North­wood Frank­ford Com­munity Y. While ex­cit­ing, the is­sues presen­ted are vast in or­der to save the Y as van­dals, loot­ers and age have taken their toll on the build­ing.

This let­ter is a plea to each and every one of you to help me save this piece of our neigh­bor­hood, not be­cause it is a piece of our past, but be­cause it is vi­tal to our fu­ture.

The board of dir­ect­ors, in­clud­ing my­self as pres­id­ent, have plans to de­vel­op pro­grams that use this fa­cil­ity in a man­ner that be­ne­fits every­one. Our vis­ion and our use of the build­ing will be centered on en­abling in­di­vidu­als to achieve more than what they have today. GED courses, the train­ing of trade skills, high­er edu­ca­tion and job loc­a­tion and place­ment will be the found­a­tion of our pro­grams, as teach­ing a per­son to fish in­stead of giv­ing them one cre­ates ves­ted neigh­bors who care about them­selves, their fu­ture and their com­munity. Fur­ther, sup­port and so­cial ser­vices in­clud­ing child care and per­son­al fit­ness will be offered.

I am com­mit­ted to the res­tor­a­tion of the Y. Our fu­ture will be de­term­ined by your choice, right here, right now. Please con­trib­ute to our fu­ture, and re­mem­ber all dona­tions are tax de­duct­ible, as the Y is a 501(c)3.

Please give today. Mail check or cred­it card pay­ment in­form­a­tion to North­wood Frank­ford Com­munity Y, 4700 Leiper St., Phil­adelphia, PA 19124.

If you have any ques­tions or con­cerns, please con­tact me on my cell at 267-393-2663.

Frank­lin A. Ben­nett III, Esq.

Pres­id­ent and CEO, NFCY

Phil­adelphia tax dead­beats must pay 

Phil­adelphia has an op­por­tun­ity to bring some much-needed rev­en­ue in­to the city. We simply have to col­lect on the taxes that this city is rightly owed.

For too long, de­lin­quent tax­pay­ers have been dodging their re­spons­ib­il­ity to pay their taxes. They are a part of the fin­an­cial prob­lems the city faces. 

I’m pleased to see that May­or Mi­chael Nut­ter has an­nounced a plan to col­lect those taxes. At a time when pub­lic schools are hurt­ing, fire­fight­ers are work­ing without a new con­tract and a prop­erty tax over­haul is about to im­pact many res­id­ents, it’s about time we think clearly on how to bring in rev­en­ue without bur­den­ing our cit­izens and ser­vices. 

I’ve been call­ing on the may­or to im­ple­ment a tax col­lec­tion plan on de­lin­quent tax­pay­ers for quite a while be­cause it’s a huge prob­lem. It’s out­rageous that we’re sit­ting on a po­ten­tial wind­fall of $500 mil­lion and have done noth­ing to col­lect it, and I’m re­lieved the may­or is fi­nally on board with this com­mon-sense idea.

I’m also pleased to see that City Coun­cil, and Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on in par­tic­u­lar, is tak­ing it ser­i­ously and will soon hold hear­ings on solv­ing this prob­lem. 

I look for­ward to hear­ing how May­or Nut­ter im­ple­ments his plan and will con­tin­ue to work for policy that en­sures tax dodgers pay what they owe.

State Sen. Mike Stack (D-5th dist.)

Pat­ron­ize con­tract­or Den­nis Dav­is 

In string­ing Christ­mas lights around the deck, I dis­covered the floor­ing was sep­ar­at­ing from the rail and felt loose when stand­ing on it.

I found the re­ceipt, which in­dic­ated the deck was in­stalled eight years ago, and I hoped the con­tract­or was still in busi­ness.

To my sur­prise, the con­tract­or called me right back, sched­uled an ap­point­ment and kept me in­formed if he could not make a cer­tain day.

After he fixed the deck, I asked, “How much?”

His re­sponse was, “Merry Christ­mas!”

He made this wid­ow’s hol­i­day worry-free and has proved to me there are hon­est con­tract­ors around.

I hope he gets a lot of busi­ness from this let­ter.

The con­tract­or is: Den­nis Dav­is 215-638-2535. He is a gen­er­al con­tract­or.

Mary Wolf

Academy Gar­dens

Demo­crats have run Philly for too long

The let­ter con­cern­ing Traffic Court by stay-at-home mom Shan­non Lind­say, Esq., (She wants to fix Traffic Court mess, Feb. 6 is­sue) was very good. 

The real prob­lem is power breeds cor­rup­tion, and in Phil­adelphia, the Demo­crat­ic Party has been in power more than 60 years. 

There must be a change.

Har­old Sch­lam­ow­itz


Nowhere to hide for sexu­al mo­lesters

In light of re­cent de­vel­op­ments con­cern­ing priests and the sexu­al mo­lesta­tion of young boys and the con­vic­tions of such in­di­vidu­als, the judge, jur­ors, and the dis­trict at­tor­ney should be highly com­men­ded for their tol­er­ance and in­sight.

Their abil­ity to judge these mat­ters ob­ject­ively and not emo­tion­ally with a clouded mind should be no­ticed as out­stand­ing.

In­di­vidu­als who com­mit such acts, re­gard­less of who they are, should not have the abil­ity to hide be­hind a uni­form, or a build­ing with a cross on top of its roof.

They have to be held ac­count­able for their ac­tions and be­ha­vi­or.

Mum should nev­er be the word for such ac­tions that dam­age young chil­dren men­tally and force them to serve a dif­fer­ent life sen­tence oth­er than pris­on.

Larry Il­aria


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