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Story Archive February 13 2013

Fishtown ball player heads to spring training

He’s putting Fishtown on the map.

Bridesburg: O’Donnell’s Towne

The relationship between Brianna O’Donnell and Franklin Towne Charter has always been perfectly symbiotic.

River Ward events for the week of Feb. 13

Bridesburg hoagie and soup saleThe Bridesburg United Methodist Church will host a hoagie and homemade soup sale on Feb. 16 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Hoagies will consist of American, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese or Italian. Soups will consist of chicken noodle and vegetable beef barley.The date for pre-order has passed, but you may eat-in the day of with a bowl of soup, hoagie, drink and dessert for only $5.75. ••

Video of NoLibs and Fishtown crimes now available

A man who told a clerk he had a gun made off with $300 from the Family Dollar Store at 180 W. Girard Ave. in late January, police said.

When the fur goes flying

If you’re looking for a little out-of-the-ordinary family entertainment you will find it when Gregory Popovich and his adorable rescued pets from animal shelters take center stage for two shows at the Keswick Theatre on Sunday, Feb. 17.

A Pioneer for Frankford

Whoever told Joe Ricketts that the early bird gets the worm can be assured he took it to heart.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Leaving the familiarity of high school for the uncharted waters of college is one of the most exhilarating, albeit terrifying, ventures of any young person’s life.

Learning by going

— The students are raising money to pay for their trip to Poland. They’ve sold calendars, flowers and cookie dough. A pizza party is next.

Long journey home

Northwood Academy Charter School opened in 2005, but a space crunch sent some students and staff looking for temporary digs.

Endless love

Seventy years ago next month, Irving Rubin didn’t marry the girl next door. His future bride lived four doors away.