NE firefighter adopts cat that was set afire

A happy end­ing: Lt. Steph­en Paslawski of Castor Gar­dens ad­op­ted a cat that was set on fire in Ol­ney Nov. 10. PHOTO COUR­TESY OF FACE­BOOK

A fire­fight­er who lives in the North­east has ad­op­ted a cat that was set on fire in Ol­ney Nov. 10.

Lt. Steph­en Paslawski of Castor Gar­dens last week ad­op­ted the cat, ac­cord­ing to Pennsylvania SPCA spokes­wo­man Linda Torelli.

The cat’s name is Camp­bell.

“Steve was one of the first people to get in touch with us about the pos­sib­il­ity of ad­opt­ing Camp­bell,” said Lisa Ger­manis, the PSPCA’s lead shel­ter and forensic veter­in­ari­an. “He’s the per­fect ad­op­ter to help Camp­bell move past the trauma he ex­per­i­enced.”

“When I saw the story about Camp­bell, I was dis­gus­ted that any­one could do this to any an­im­al,” said Paslawski. “I had re­cently put an­oth­er cat I had down due to a large tu­mor, and with me be­ing a fire­fight­er, Camp­bell be­ing burned, and the loss of my oth­er cat, it just seemed like a per­fect fit. Our first meet­ing was amaz­ing. After a few minutes of pet­ting him in the cage, he put his paws up on me and climbed onto my shoulder as if to say, I choose you. I knew right then it was meant to be. He’ll have a lov­ing home for the rest of his life.”

Paslawski is a 14-year vet­er­an fire­fight­er, with sev­en years as a lieu­ten­ant. He cur­rently is as­signed to En­gine Co. 45 in the Straw­berry Man­sion sec­tion of the city.

Camp­bell will be in the PSPCA shel­ter hos­pit­al’s care for a few more weeks while his severe burns con­tin­ue to heal. Once cleared by the PSPCA veter­in­ary staff, Camp­bell will go home with Paslawski and his oth­er cat, Tink. 

The two sus­pects in the case, Tyrique Hall and Jose Sanc­hez, were charged with crim­in­al con­spir­acy, pos­ses­sion of an in­stru­ment of crime and cruelty to an­im­als. They could each face up to 10 years in jail, ac­cord­ing to the PSPCA. ••

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