Castor Gardens man charged with brother’s murder

Paulo Figueiredo

A 34-year-old Prin­ceton Av­en­ue man has been charged in the Sunday-morn­ing death of his older broth­er, whom po­lice said they found wrapped in a sheet with pack­ing ma­ter­i­al.

Po­lice ar­rived on the 2100 block of Prin­ceton Av­en­ue at 12:39 a.m. in re­sponse to a call for a hos­pit­al case. What they found was 36-year-old Ar­thur Figueiredo ly­ing next to a bed in the base­ment. Med­ics were called and pro­nounced the man dead at 1:41 a.m., po­lice said.

The cause of death, po­lice said, was blunt force trauma. The young­er broth­er al­legedly beat the older broth­er with a base­ball bat on Fri­day, Nov. 29, po­lice said, adding the at­tack was mo­tiv­ated by a quar­rel. Paulo Figueiredo was charged with murder and re­lated of­fenses. ••

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