Bustleton resident cited for animal cruelty

An eld­erly Bustleton res­id­ent res­cued from his trash-packed and ver­min-in­fes­ted Bickley Street home in Ju­ly was cited for cruelty to an­im­als Dec. 5.   

Five dead cats and six live ones were found in the house, ac­cord­ing to the Pennsylvania So­ci­ety for the Pre­ven­tion of Cruelty to An­im­als, which is­sued 10 an­im­al cruelty cita­tions to Richard Garo­falo on Dec. 5., spokes­wo­man Linda Torelli told the North­east Times last week.

The cita­tions were spe­cific­ally for lack of vet care and un­san­it­ary con­di­tions, Torelli stated. 

Each cita­tion could mean a max­im­um fine of $7,500 and up to 90 days in jail as well as a 90- day pro­hib­i­tion of hav­ing an­im­als, she said. The 74-year-old man was not ar­res­ted, she ad­ded.

On Ju­ly 7, Garo­falo was res­cued from the house on the 9100 block of Bickley, a small street near Welsh Road and the Boulevard.

The man had called for help after fall­ing in his long­time home, but fam­ily mem­bers couldn’t get in and called au­thor­it­ies. It is when res­cuers entered the home that dead and live an­im­als were found as well as an­im­al fe­ces, trash, fleas, mice, rats, spiders and bats. The PSPCA was called in to find and shel­ter any live an­im­als.

In Ju­ly, the PSCPA re­por­ted that there was not one place that wasn’t covered with fe­ces.

Last month, Torelli said Garo­falo was hos­pit­al­ized since he was taken from his house and was only re­cently re­leased. She said then that PSCPA in­vest­ig­at­ors were con­tinu­ing to look at the case.

The city will clean out the house and then seek a court or­der to de­mol­ish it. ••

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